Monday, June 2, 2008

Angel Kisses And Flowers

I put new batteries in my camera yesterday and took pictures of what is in my heart. I have a beautiful Iris blooming right now. I don't remember planting it! I don't know it's actual name, so I named it based on it's colors. It is buttery daisy yellow with warm peach infused through it's ruffles. I call it Daisy Peach! I now have a gorgeous flower to remind me of two curly cats. :) My next Iris to bloom will have soft pastel Easter candy colors. Kinda like Jelly Beans. ;) It's also very ruffly and "Princessy " Maybe I will just rename all my flowers to honor my kitty friends!
I lit two candles for some kitties that have gone to the Bridge and for Kitties that are very sick. The little candle is called Angel Kisses. I want to send Angel kisses to everyone in need. The larger one is Vanilla Peach. It smells really nice.
Cricket and Billie wish to send happy kitty thoughts too. Cricket has been a little more affectionate and she really likes the windows being open. Billie is just happy to nap on her plaid scarf with Secret Squirrel.

To be honest this is kind of a hard week looming over me. One year ago, June 4, Tookie went to the Bridge. I still feel her loss so sharply sometimes it takes my breath away. I didn't have a digital camera when I had her, so I can't share pictures of her very well. We have a scanner, but our desktop computer is too old to be compatible with it. She was/is so beautiful.
It's difficult to be the only one still mourning her. I can't really talk about how much I miss her. Usually I get, "I know." or "She wouldn't want you to be sad." Well, duh! She's a kitty. She loved me the best way a kitty could and I loved her enormously. I got her in 1987 and she was all ready around two or three years old. I can't just get over it. I'm tired of feeling sad, but no way am I ever going to stop missing her.
This is how I feel and if I can't say how I feel in my blog, then I don't have anywhere else to go. Okay, probably too intense for a Monday. I do take solace knowing that there are so many in the blogasphere that I know of that would probably feel the same way.

I really hope you all have a lovely first week of June. May the weather be just the way you like it and may you find something summery to enjoy. Hug your kitties and woofies. Even if they are the grumpy sort, they love you too. =^..^=


JB's Big World said...

Hi Lorianna,
How sweet of you to name an iris after me! I do feel special. Thank you! This is a very sweet post too about Angel Kisses.
I am glad your kitties are back to normal and all is well, except for it having to be monday. It is good to miss and remember Tookie, and don't ever forget. My mom and I will never ever forget Taffy. Her little cedar box is in my mom's office, so she is always near.

JB's Big World said...

Wow!! We were just reading each other's blogs at the very same moment. Great minds think alike!
Have a good day!

Riley & Tiki said...

Mommy & Daddy will always miss Vincent too. Mommy still cries sometimes when she is alone. She tries not to do it in front of Daddy because it upsets him. They both say that what helps most is that sometimes late at night, they feel a third kitty walk across the bed.

meemsnyc said...

Sorry your feeling sad. It's always hard to lose a pet, a treasured member of the family. It takes a long time to grieve, and I don't think you really stop feeling sad about it. But there are always so many happy memories to cherish.

michico*Adan said...

Dear Lorianna,

I am so sorry learning about Tookie. I am sure Tookie is still let you feel heartwarming. Tookie must be the angel kiss your lovely flowers~!!!

Thanks for enjoy seeing my photos~~I do like taking pictures~~ Because I believe my cats's expression are greater than my words~~


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Beautiful pictures!

JB's Big World said...

Happy Tuesday to you!

Daisy said...

I love the beautiful "Daisy Peach" flower! Don't feel bad about still feeling so sad about Tookie. My Mommie still feels a pang in her heart when she thinks about Haiku, and Haiku went to the Rainbow Bridge over 20 years ago. As more time passes, you can remember with more smiles than sadness, but you need to take your own time.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh what a pretty fluffy iris you have there! Thanks for naming it after Daisy and I and one for JB too:) You are so sweet and this is a great idea!
Mommy LOVES jar candles and we always have lots of them around here! They are safeer than tapers. We use tea lights also in large containers. We really do try to be very safe.
Mommy is in love right now with our weather. It has been gently raining all day and the crickets are still singing. All is still outside and the air does not move. Often we have much wind here in the is wonderful!! Some people think mommy is carzy because she loves this so...oh well. The rain is bad for her beautiful roses. This year she has not cut a bouquet yet because of the rain...maybe we will anyway! Dig out the goloshes and get the pruners!
I am still mad about all the kittens the beans visited yesterday! At least they did NOT bring one home!!!
Soft understanding comforting hugs to you dearest Lorianna!

Quasi said...

I was very sad to read about Tookie, and I am very touched by your writing about her.