Friday, June 27, 2008

Dreaming Of An Ocean View With Happy Cats

It feels like it's been a long week. I would love a weekend of idleness. A walk along the beach, sipping coffee and looking through glossy magazines, finishing one of the many books I'm half way through, even pulling weeds.

The title of this painting is called Idleness. The lady and kitten have nothing pressing to do. They are relaxing in the sunshine with an ocean view.
If you had a weekend with nothing pressing upon you, no deadlines, no laundry, nowhere important to be, what would you do?

Toeshee was a tiny bit calmer today because it was very warm. Billie and Cricket are still hissy pissy, but Billie stayed downstairs today instead of hiding in my bedroom. Cricket came down a few times to stalk around and give us the "stink eye". I have still been bringing her food to her because I feel sorry for her. Poor Naughty Noodle isn't the youngest anymore. :(
Things will settle. Time and patience are needed. I just wish I wasn't so high strung and such a worrier. I always fear the worst outcome. If Billie or Cricket somehow become ill because I took in a kitten it will be my fault. Can emotional stress make a kitty sick? Sigh...

It is a warm rainy night here, very nice. I should try to relax, light a candle, (up high) and think about just being idle.

I hope you all have a weekend of relaxation and summer fun. Sending Hugs!


Daisy said...

Idle time is to be treasured!

The first few weeks with any new pet are always the hardest. Then you sort of "fall in love" with the new baby and all will be well.

JB's Big World said...

Hi Lorianna,
I am glad Toeshee is a bit mellower. I sure to hope he calms can be difficult on the older kitties when a wild baby is brought into the house. Of course, I was never any trouble for my mom at all....I am near perfect!
Sorry I have been so absent, but it's my mom's fault. First she went to L.A. this past week and now I hear we will be selling our house....but mom said she is buying ME a new house. This will be my 4th place to live since I have been with my mom. I don't know what to think yet and mom is super stressed out.....we'll try to visit you as much as we can!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Your new addition is adorable! I bet everybody will calm down eventually, but it does take time. As long as one of your adult kitties isn't Grr, you shouldn't have to worry. Grr just tried to attack one of the kittens again, and she's known them for 10 months. Your kitties don't sound aggressive...just annoyed. Purrs!

Princess said...

this week-end has been busy, starting on friday. we moved Christina into her own place, yesterday was work all day and it was 90 out! lots of exercise to be sure.
today Bliizie and mom are going to kohls and Wegmans - no church :-/
then just relax, maybe watch some history channel or NatGeo.

I hope your Sunday is delightful!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh how I would love to while away the lazy afternoons with you Lorianna by the beach sipping coffee! We would be such sweet friends if only we lived closer. you and I like to do the same things...
I know it is a bit crazy for you with the kitten making havoc around you all right now...this too will pass and all will be mellow.
it is dreafully hot here right now...summer is here! It was 108 today!!! We are staying inside in the cool and making lots of fun things....stay tuned!
Adoringly yours Miss Peach & mommy