Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cricket's Weather Report

Momma tried to catch me playing. I was moving me head really fast to keep track of red mousie. She though she got the shot, but my eye looks funny.
You have to be quicker than that to catch a Cricket at playtime!

It is scary outside! Thunder, lightning, wind and rain, plus it's really dark. It was scary last night too. Do you know what's scarier? Teenagers! They invaded the house today to walk with the teenage girl who ignores me all the time to that art festival. They were loud and they had big feet. So, I pulled a Cody and hid! They got caught in the storm and are waiting it out in a Subway. Do you think she will bring me back some turkey from her sandwich? Mmph! I don't! She owes me big time for letting strange people in to my house. Momma is wondering if I will exact vengeance. If I do she will just have to clean it up! I don't mean to cause Momma trouble but, I can
not let this act of treason go unpunished.

What's that Momma? Oh, she says that while I'm here I should tell you that the storm is over and we didn't have any damage. She is worried about Mo because there is a tornado Warning for the county he lives in. I hope his kitties are not frightened. If Isis is frightened she can't be naughty!

Momma wants to visit as many Blogging Friends as she can today. She is worried she will have a house full of wet, hungry teenagers later. She's worried? Do you know how much peeing I will have to do to show my displeasure? She's just lucky she has a new bottle of magic smell remover and that stupid liquid sucking machine. I hate that thing. It's too loud! Mmm... maybe I should pee on that too. ;)
Remember kitties, if you're bored or displeased do something naughty. It's fun! =^..^=


Daisy said...

I am glad the scairty storm passed! When anybody comes to my house, if I even hear the doorbell ring, I run right under the bed. And it takes me hours to come back out.

JB's Big World said...

Cricket is so funny. And I wish I had a red mouse like that too! I hope it stops raining for you before all the teenagers come over. Hey Cricket.....did you get some turkey after all?
Funny you mentioned the armadillos....did you happen to also visit my Big World blog today? If you come by there, you will see something really sad and sort of related to armadillos......and another baby animal that mom found in our yard.
Our patio is not closed in, but the way, and it has been really windy, so I get really scared when the wind goes through my furs really strong. Maybe I will try to patio again when the wind calms down more!
Have a nice evening!

michico*Adan said...

Oah Dear Cricket~~
Sounds you have a bad day~!
Let me give you a big good hug, ok?
I don't like customers either, but if their numbers are small, like 2 or 3, maybe I can handle with, if the guest numbers are large, like over 4, I will hide and never go out~~
I hate thunder as well, I will make a very safe tent to protect myself, you may see this :

I think you may also try, and you will feel safer~!!

Good luck!!
I hope your weather will be better soon, recently the big rain season also come here, and I hate that, too!


JB's Big World said...

Happy Monday! My mom says no, Mondays are not happy for her because of work.
Hope you have a great day with your kitties!

Anonymous said...

We like some company, but not all. We're glad your boomies are over.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh dear Lorianna! I have been thinking about you and Mo with this dreadful weather you are having right now. Being able to stay safe is such a comfort in chaos. It is very windy here right now but sunny and I am out on my patio pillow getting all dusty:) Last night I slept on the printer!
I do not mind company because I am a friendly kitty and always get lots of attention because I am different than most kitties and people always wonder about me.
Mommy is very happy right now because the mail lady brought her a nice package from you! You are ever the sweetest friend with a lovable heart. She put the lovely silver heart you sent right on her computer table next to her PC. It is the only other thing she will keep on this table so she can play with it all the time. She put the nice smelly thing in her sock drawer. The tea will get fixed a little bit later when lapdaddy comes home. Thank you for your sweet letter and that you have given us your friendship which we treasure so much.
All our love...Miss Peach and Karla

JB's Big World said...

Hi lorianna,
Thanks for coming over to my big world yesterday. I just thought it was funny that you mentioned the armadillos in your comment and that I had just wrote about them again, coincidence!
Hope all is well with you today!