Thursday, June 19, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For : )

I never told my daughter to bring back a kitten. They went to the farm to pick up one for her friend. Well, there were two. One was a tabby with a cute little "m" on his forehead. He was cuddly and affectionate. Now he is ours!
My husband grumbled for only a few minutes, then held him. :) We are a 4 cat household again.
I have been calling him Toeshee. He has really cute toes, some are like Daisy's raisin toes. :) My daughter says that Toshie is a Girl's name in Japan. I think she's right, but it just fits him so well and I am spelling it differently.
Oh, isn't Michico's sister named Toshie? Well it is a very cute name and I don't think the kitten will mind, he just likes the baby-talk.

Cody is tolerating him, Billie is ignoring him and Cricket, of course, is furious. We have been trying to give everyone equal amounts of attention. I never want any of my babies to have hurt feelings so it's a delicate balance right now. At night he sleeps in the upstairs bathroom. He's just so tiny! He is 10 weeks old. I thought if I ever adopted another kitty I would get a girl. Toeshee is so sweet and cuddly though. He follows me around and mews when he sees me. He cuddles with me any chance he can when he's not playing, or when I'm not with another kitty or busy. He likes my husband a lot too, which I think really worked in his favor. Cats are not dumb, they know who they have to win over.

So, right now I am kitten proofing the house and trying to keep everyone happy. He is really healthy too. No fungus, good apetite and uses a litterbox perfectly. I can't believe he is a farm kitty, raised outside.

I admit to feeling a little guilty, like I'm betraying Tookie. I know that's not really the case. She is happy at the Bridge and knows how much I love her and that we will be together again. I think it's because Toeshee is number 4 relacing Tookie as fourth in the house. But, he's really not replacing her, especially in my heart. Maybe Toeshee should be thought of as kitty number 5.

I will be popping in to visit all of you my friends. Whenever I'm not tending to kittens and jealous big kitties or cleaning or cooking... ok, I'm making myself tired. :) Wish us luck adjusting, especially my Naughty Noodle.


Mo said...

I don't think you're betraying Tookie at all.
If anything, I think that Tookie had a paw in the fate of bringing little Toeshee (love the name!) into your life (and into your heart!!!)
He's a QT Pa2T for sure!!!!!!!!!

SO happy for you!!!!!


Daisy said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I think Toeshee is adorable. It will be so much fun to watch all the fun kitten-y things he does.

I am certain Tookie would want you to be happy, so do not feel bad about giving the little tyke a good home. Have fun!

Princess said...

Oh he is absolutely adorrrabibbbble!
He looks like a skunkie just like Pierro. Mom says it is hard to be sure everycat gets equal attention. she praises me the most because I am the oldest and smartest. He needs to learn that he is not the boss.

I am glad that you have kitty #5
Tookie is probably so happy to know you have a newbaby again.

Pierro likes daddy a lot. Dad plays rug monster with him in the office room where he works at his job (he works at home)
Pierro sits by his chair.

I hope this week-end is a good and fun one.

Perhaps Toeshee is heaven sent like Pierro was.

purrrs and hugs

JB's Big World said...

Ah ha! I knew something was going on since you were not around much! I think it is a great idea to get another kitty. Just like your house, we used to have 4 kitties here. But, I don't know if my daddy would want to have 4 now!
Toeshee is so cute! Can't wait to see more pictures of him. It will take some time for the other kitties to accept him. Cats have a pecking order you know. There is always someone who is boss....ha ha or in our house, who thinks she is the boss!!

meemsnyc said...

Welcome Toeshee, how cute you are!! So adorable. Kittens are so irresistible. What an awesome new member of the family.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Dearest Lorianna...Tookie has sent you a forever cat that she picked out up there in heaven. The circle begins now with this gift from above...believe it. It is time now...a little over one year...and she does not want you to hurt missing her so much so here is your answer....are you listening dear with your heart?
What a wonderful M cat Toeshee is. I know a Japanese man name Toshi too:) he was a photographer for Victoria magazine.
I am delighted that M is with you...that is what I will call him:)
Enjoy the is over so fast. I know naughty noodle will be fine around m in strong.
All my love your Miss Peach

Rebecca Lynn said...

Hi, I haved loved reading your blog and I think it is fabulous you have a new furry kid in the house! I agree with Mo that Tookie brought you two together :)


MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Is that wee bundle of M furr working its way into your heart?
M is so cute and I see a resemblance to Tookie.
I have been sleeping in my wicker laundry basket during the day and in my frying pan out on the pantry shelf at night time.
mommy is happy because i come and sit in her lap during the day so she has to put down her magazine and pay attention to me. I get ear scratches and tummy rubs!
Mommy needs to finish weeding. Doing a bit at a time helps her not get too is going to start getting hot here soon. Happy first day of Summer to you dear Lorianna.
I just know you are going to have a wonderful one covered with tabby colored fur...
I adore you and wish you a peaceful day dearest friend....
Your Miss Peachy

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Oh, we think that Tookie sent Toeshee to you! Toeshee is just adorable!!! Congratulations on your newest baby!

We are so happy that you could give him such a wonderful home. Don't worry, this is a five cat household. We all ajusted. It will take a little time!

The Lee County Clowder said...

We're quite sure Tookie approves of the new addition, if she didn't arrange for it in the first place. Someone told Toeshee he needed to cuddle with your husband right away if he wanted to stay.

Just keep playing and cuddling with all the kitties. They'll work things out in time.

Sunrunner said...

What a cutie!!!! Congrats on the new addition!