Monday, June 30, 2008

Cricket Asks, "Does Kitten Taste Like Chicken?"

Before I even had my coffee this morning I had to break up a hissy fit fight between Cricket and Toeshee. He thought it was all playing. She wanted to eat him. I'm fairly certain that's what Cricket was thinking; "I will eat you!"
She is coming downstairs more, but wow can she growl and hiss! It's not a noise you would want to hear in the dark in the middle of the night.

My To Do List is growing again. How does this happen?
Fold Laundry
Make Dinner
Take Daughter to Hair Appointment
Get Cat Food and Supplies for Daughter's Visit to Her Friend's Cabin.
Get My Meds 'script Filled
Most of this must be done today. Cat food, dinner and hair cut are not optional because the appointment is for 7:30 pm and the stinky goodness supply is very low. Chicken is thawing to be cooked for tacos and I must have dinner ready by at least 5:30.

Toeshee is a little piggy. :) He loves to eat! He does burn it off though, which is good. When he's older he might get a little tubby if I don't watch him. I think tubby tabbys are cute, but the VET will not agree.
I have been trying to get an action shot of him, but when I try it comes out as a blur! He is so fast! I'll keep trying to get a non sleeping picture.
He needs to learn to pose like Cricket. She's so pretty. I'm glad she still sleeps with me at night. I would be sad if she were angry with me about the kitten.
Well, I better get busy blog hopping before I start my to do list. I hope you all have a Mellow Monday. HUGS!


JB's Big World said...

Your post title today made me and my mom laugh! What a ruckus Toeshee is causing at your house. I only create a small ruckus. Hope you can get all your errands done today. Do cats like tacos? Maybe you should grill some fresh salmon with light seasoning for the is my favorite!
My mom is still super busy. She is a super stress case, and does not have time for much of anything.
Have a good Monday!

Mo said...

Little Isis is a year old almost and she's still zipping around when not sleeping!
But once you get him *snipped* he'll calm down some!
And if you read my post @ Purrchance To Dream today, you'll know that it just takes time for the new interloper to be accepted into the pride!
He's a kitten, and they'll all adjust to him and his place in the pecking order.
Sending HUGS,

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Mommy is still laughing about the title! can't eat your brother! Good grief you have a busy day today! Mommy is going completely crazy cause she can't get up and do anything!! She is not very good at sitting still.

Hope you get some rest!

Daisy said...

Poor Cricket, it is a little adjustment to have a crazy, young kitten running around!

michico*Adan said...

It's very tired for you doing all these jobs done.
Right now Michico is very lazy, because she has too many things at work, so many "personal things" she should do, she always wait until the last minute to do.
Like Laundry, if there is only one pair socks left, she will doing the laundry today, or the day after tomorrow she won't have many socks to wear... :(
She is too lazy for herself XD~~
I hope she can have more time~~ But after work, she always sleep on the couch, or very trying to get more energy to photo us and clean the house.

Anyway, at least she won't let her feet wearing nothing~~

Go on!! I am here cheering for you!

meemsnyc said...

Cricket is definitely good at posing for pictures. I had a growing list of things to do also, did laundry finally. But having a cold has slowed me down. At least that means staying home from work and spending time with the cats. We were so excited to read that you saw a store kitty! George, what a great name! Did you take a photo?