Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Another One Of Those Days...

Cody and I like to go out to the front porch to relax and get some fresh air. He is content to sit with me and listen to the birds. The rose is one that I have had for quite a while. It's planted in the front yard and behaves and blooms much more nicely than my roses in the back yard.

In the past couple of days Toeshee has gone from angel to demon. He tears around the house and jumps on us and bites. The big kitties avoid him like the plague and Cricket insists on eating upstairs and spends most of her time there. I have to go up several times a day to let her know I still love her.
Billie is very pouty too. I feel really bad. What if she and Cricket suffer ill effects from the stress of a wild kitten in the house? Why is he so naughty? I'm not used to having such a hyper active kitty. Cricket has her agressive moments but she has never bitten or scratched us.

Just when I'm ready to throw in the towel Toeshee will come to me, mewing softly and lay on me or up against me like a sweet velcro kitty.

Right now, though he has just bounced off of me after biting my shoulder and is now tugging on the livingroom drapes. Ow! Okay, he is biting a lot! I don't think this is normal kitten behavior. None of my other kitties ever behaved like this. Would it be mean to time him out in a small room or in the big cat carrier?
If he's this aggressive now, how will he be when he's older? Is this fair to the other kitties?

Well, Blogger is being tempermental too,(or it's my laptop) so I guess I better finish. I hope everyone has a nice stress free Thursday. I will be visitng as time and possessed kittens, and daughter who wants new clothes for her next week end away from parents, allows. Any experienced advice from rowdy kitten owners would be wonderful!
Hugs. <3


Daisy said...

I think Toeshee's antics are pretty normal for a kitten. At the shelter, the kittens run the gamut from mild and calm to little hellions that never settle down. I think you just need time for everyone to get used to the new order of things.

Cecil the Cougar: said...

Hi Lorianna! Sorry I has been so very absent. Mommie got very, very busy with school being so close to grad-yoo-aaaa-shun! Daddy just got his bachelors as well. Funny thing is, I thought since he was with Mommie he was not a bachelor! Beans are funny! Anyway, Mommie and I has not been checking the bloggie but today Grandma says to Mommie you better go say hi to your friends... can you peas tell everyone I says hi and that everything is ok for me?

I am really missing everyone lots, but it is difficult with two very busy beans trying to decide what they are going to do now that they are grad-yoo-ate-ing. We might maybe be moving to California!!!! I has never been outside of Floridas before!! This is a little scairty!

Well, I am glad that you are doing well Lorianna and peas pass on my hellos to everycat and bean!


Purrs and Headbutts!

Mo said...

I agree with Daisy - he's a little boy kitten who is being a little boy kitten!
Two words: SNIP SNIP

It will cut the aggressiveness way down.

The good news: neutering is WAY cheaper & less traumatic than spaying!

Praline said...

It sounds like a lot of fun in your household lately. My human granddaddy keeps telling my mom he is going to buy a "Nermal" for my mom (remember the kitten in Garfield). She keeps telling him that having just me is fine.

meemsnyc said...

That is a very pretty rose. Little kittens can definitely bite. We rescued a kitten once who loved to bite our toes. I think because his teeth were growing in. They grow out of it eventually.

JB's Big World said...

Oh no! That sounds like what my sister PooPoo did when she was a kitten, at least that is what my mom told me! I hope he calms down....or you will have problems like my mom did with PooPoo.
My mom is at the airport in L.A. right now waiting for her plane to come home to be with me. Sorry I have not been able to visit this's meetings went day and night!
Hope you have had a great week, and happy Friday tomorrow!