Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scenes From Summer

Here are the rest of my Saugatuck pictures. The statue of the little girl holding a puppet is dedicated to a local man who was famous in town for his love of puppetry. She is in another of the pretty areas of green space in Saugatuck. Across the Kalamazoo River are several quaint old cottages. I think some might even be available to rent. The pretty ferry boat is operated with a chain attached to a crank that the operator turns. It takes people across the river several times throughout the day into early evening.
The gazebo is a nice place to sit and watch the boats go by and there's lots of places to have a picnic and relax in sun or shade.
It's such a pretty town to visit in the summer. It's pretty in the Fall too when many stores decorate with pumpkins and the leaves cast golden reflections off of the water. In the winter the lakeshore gets lake effect snow and harsh winds. I am not fond of snow and cold, so I don't really like to venture out that way in the winter.
In July there is a Venetian Festival with a night time boat parade. The participants decorate their boats with lights and dress in costumes. Many go with a theme and play music. We have seen "Viva Las Vegas" with a boat full of Elvis', "I love New York" with Lady Liberty and "Mardi Gras" with a New Orleans theme and jazz music playing. After the parade there is a fireworks show over the river. We went last year and it was kinda fun. Last summer was rough for me emotionally, so I didn't get into it too enthusiastically. Maybe we will give it another try this year.

My daughter is back from camping, but she is gone again today with her friend to go pick up a kitten at a cousin's farm. (No, the kitten isn't for us, it's for her friend.) I wish I could have a kitten though...
I do miss my daughter, but I don't want to hold her back from having fun this summer. Hanging around me in the house certainly isn't a fun way to spend vacation, but I miss watching t v with her in the evening and having dinner together as a family. She thinks she might be back in time for dinner tonight. I hope so.
It's really chilly here today! The kitties are curled up napping and steel gray clouds occasionally drift over the sun. I hope summer returns soon.

I hope it's sunny where you are! I will be visiting soon. (((hugs)))


JB's Big World said...

Great pictures. I really like that ferry boat. Don't you think I'd look cute riding in it? hee hee
My mom says that Venetian Festival sounds like fun.
WE had a big rain storm here and the temp got down to 69 which is rare for this time of year during the day. Hope it warms up for you!
I gave you an award....come over and pick it up!

Daisy said...

It looks so pretty and peaceful there! It is hot all the time here with no relief until about November.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh dear Lorianna! I am enjoying your blissful summer scenes so much. I love brass statues and yours are so fun! How wonderful for you both to go away and enjoy this lovely town. It is so good to see you happy...you are SO BEAUTIFUL and have a handsome hubby by your side to protect you.
I understand your worry about missing your daughter this summer as she goes off with her friends more. I miss my son who is busy working,also, but my grandson Cole is spending the night and we have a wonderful time together. He will be 10 in October and time is sliding on away from us each day.
Thank you for being in my heart and including us in yours so tenderly.
Love and hugs from Miss Peachy and Karla

Mo said...

I've seen that statue in the park a dozen times and never realized she was holding a puppet!
(yes that park is on the way to the public restroom, so I probably was on my way to relieve myself!)
I love Saugatuck!
Makes me want to go!!!!