Friday, June 6, 2008

Freshly Bloomed Friday

This Iris bloomed sometime over night and greeted me early this morning. It's like an Easter bonnet! The colors are so cheery and sweet. Like candy, like Jelly Beans. :) So, this is Iris Jelly Bean, sweet and pretty like the kitty!

For a while Irises had me frustrated. The leaves would grow, but I didn't have blooms, then I learned. The crown of the bulb (the top) must be above ground when it's planted. The in the fall I cover it lightly with leaves. Now, I want to try all kinds of fun colors. Wait until my lillies bloom! I hope they are ok, they look a little spindly yet, but summer just started. When they bloom, I'll describe them and then maybe come up with more kitty names. I have always named my plants. I don't know why.

See the tornado watch? Yup we're in for it. It has become really dark, the wind is picking up and thunder is rumbling. Cody is hiding. It's really warm and humid, near 90! There is a festival of the arts downtown and I think they are going to have to close for a while. They just kicked off at noon too. It goes on all weekend. We might go, if we can dodge the pop up storms all weekend.
Oh, it's getting even darker! I should probably unplug the dinosaur desk top computer. I think I can let everything else go. Our dish network will loose it's marbles as the storm gets closer. I have mixed feelings about storms. The thunder and rain sounds so nice, but the lightning scares me silly. A teenage girl was nearly struck by lightning yesterday morning a few miles from here. She was on her bike and it hit close enough to give her a nasty jolt. She's ok now, but that had to be so scary!

:) Cody; I just heard him groan his little bear noise under the sofa. He feels safe enough to sleep under there.

I hope you all have a relaxing first weekend in June. (((Hugs)))


JB's Big World said...

Oh, that is the most beautiful iris I have ever seen! Gorgeous, and I feel so happy you named it after me!
I hope you are safe with the storms. We have had some crazy wind the past week or so, and yesterday gusts up to near 50mph! My mom hates wind a lot. And just now it started raining here too....which was not in the forecast.
I hope Cody is not too scared!

Princess said...

We had tornadoes here in Loudoun county Va on Wednesday. We kept our electricity but my parents in Annapolis Md (where Blizzie is visiting) had about 9 hours of no electricity. That is never good for old folks but Blizzie kept them safe and upbeat.

Your iris are beautiful. We have some that hubby brought home from Illinois family reunion (all Michiganders but some grampa guy started 4H in Illinois and had fields of iris) They are okay. Yours look hardier and prettier.
I like lillies very much.

I hope you have some pleasant weather to go to the fair. Here it is very warm and humid, my least favorite weather of all.

Happy Week-end
Love always, Prinnie and Co.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful Iris!

Hope you are safe and ound from the Tornado Watch!

Daisy said...

The colors in that iris are gorgeous! Just like the real JB.

Your weather sounds scairty. Stay safe!

Mo said...

What a beautiful Iris.
They are my all-time favorite flower.

We had lots of thunderstorms yesterday, too. I went upstairs to check on the kids just as a BIG crash of thunder rocked the whole place - everyone went and hid. Not that I could blame them!

Hey, Cricket, did you see that you were featured at House Panthers yesterday?

Have a great weekend,
Not The Mama

JB's Big World said...

It is still windy here, and has been for it seems a couple of weeks. My mom hates the wind. Sticky is not good either, where you are. My mom worked in the yard much of the day. The armadillos came back and they dug another hole under the house a nd went "swimming" in our flower beds again. My mom is sooooo mad! She hung some pots from our new arbor today over our new flagstone patio. They are called portulacas and don't need a lot of water which is good here in Texas.
Have a good weekend!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh it is OK to oversleep! We do it each day! Tonight was closing night for Lapddaies play and now they can stay home with me again in the evenings. Mommy said to him, "NO MORE PLAYS THIS YEAR!" I hope he listens!
Goodness I am worried about your weather right now. Such a stormy season is upon you! it is still cool and windy here but the sun comes out for a bot here and there.
Mommy adores your beautiful Jelly Bean sweet that you named it after your dear friend JB.
Momy need to plant more of them in her garden, but she is lazy.
I am still staying in the office. Mommy wants me to be more social with her but I am just a cat and that is that!
I hope you all stay safe and cuddle together during this storm. You will be in my constant thoughts...your Miss Peachy