Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Little Time For Fun

Yesterday, my husband and I went to a town called Saugatuck. It's about 40 minutes away from our house on the lake shore. It is a beautiful resort town with several blocks of shops, restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts and small motels. It's a harbor town with a big dock area for people to keep their boats and basically live there all summer long. I took quite a few pictures and thought I would share them. These pictures are from the rose garden across the street from Kilwin's Fudge and Ice Cream. (Yummy!)
It is so pretty inside the wrought iron fence. Roses, Clematis, Hostas, and even sculpture. The sculpture above is call The Cyclists. The tall man with the nice smile is my husband. He's holding the camera. He has very long arms, he's 6'3! I'm there, next to him. I' 5'3. I think my meds are finally at that point where they are making my cheeks puffy. :( Oh, well. There's worse things in life than chipmunk cheeks.

I also have some pretty water pictures and some more pretty statuary. I
have some more Cody and Cricket pictures too. :)

By the time we came home yesterday I was so sore! Even my rib cage hurt. Turns out part of the problem was a low pressure front that came in. The wind was crazy last night! 50 mph gusts! My body is a pressure gauge. ;)
I think I should do the weather forecast for the local news.

I know there is so much sadness right now. It's so hard to say good bye to our Beloved Fur Babies... My heart hurts for everyone who is missing their babies. I'm sending loving thoughts and hugs to all.

I will stop by to visit bloggies soon. Don't let me forget to help Cricket do a House Panther post this week. She has lots of deep thoughts and opinions to share. HUGS! =^..^=


Daisy said...

I am glad you had fun! Happy Father's day to your husband. You look so young and pretty, I love your red hair.

JB's Big World said...

That looks like a fun day. That is a very interesting statue. And what beautiful flowers. You and your husband look like you had a great time together. Looking forward to the other pictures you took!

Princess said...

Oh you two had perfect weather to go to Saugatuck. The beans went to Bay City to stay in a hotel (on the way to Marquette last year for a family reunion) They did not like Bay City... so they stayed over night in another hotel in um...Saginaw. Oh! Daddy is born and lived in Michigan... Lansing.
He just informed me that Saugatuck is on the west side... so that must be near grand Haven. We love that place. Daddy's cousin lived in Muskegon in a dome home he built himself.

I am so happy to see this picture of you and your hubby.
What a fun day! The west coast of Michigan is mom's favorite place in the whole world!

purrrs, Prinnie

michico*Adan said...

Looks like a very good relax walking time, I love it~!
I think your husband looks nice, Gina and her husband also one is very tall, Gina and her husband's height just like you and yours.
But it's great~!
Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us, you are very very sweet~!

It's great to know that you sleep very deeply~!!!

JB's Big World said...

Thanks for visiting my big world again. Hope you are having a good start to your week!