Friday, February 8, 2008

Well blogger is just giving me a hard time today. I'm trying to post a picture of Billie, my floofy girl. I will keep trying because it's very cute. Our internet service provider has been flaky since last night. They claimed they knew the problem was on their end and would have it taken care of by this morning. Today is another gray, cold day. A day for reading, straightening up the house, making tea and working on a grocery list. I might try writing a little if I can shake my brain fog.
I will try to get pictures posted later. Gee, I hope I can post this. I wish I knew if it was blogger or jasnetworks. (our IP)
Think warm spring thoughts!


Daisy said...

Computers are hard! I hope you can post your photo soon.

JB's Big World said...

Is that your floofy girl on the bottom of the page? Wow, she is SUPER floofy! I would like to snuggle with her!