Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Little Soft Light

Cricket likes to curl up on the arm of the sofa. I'm not sure why, I guess it's just a nice little perch for her. Yesterday we had weak sunshine streaming through the windows, not enough to warm, but enough to give her flattering light. :) I haven't been feeling very good and I just didn't have anything interesting to blog about. But, my cats are always inspiring. I saw my doctor Friday and she wants to send me to a new Rheumatologist. My fingers are curling in more and my eyes have a bit of inflamation. They just look kinda bloodshot *-* and I'm a little light sensitive. So now I go see this new doctor in May. I'm told she is very nice and very thorough. I'm still hoping for mobility in time to play in my gardens. I bought a new candle Friday night. It's called Sun and Sand and it actually sparkles like sand when you look closely at it. Maybe they put some in the wax? It smells like cocoa butter and has a background note of fresh citrus. It reminds me of when you get to the beach and you immediately smell suntan oil and fresh air. It's so nice! The color is a creamy, sandy color and imparts a sense of calm and well being to people and pets. (According to my candle color chart) Cricket looks pretty calm huh? It hasn't worked on Cody yet. He seems to get bored quite quickly. I'm wondering if cats can have hyper activity problems? He's 13 and not calming down. We have had him since he was 8 and his friskiness has never wavered. He does sleep a bit more now and he is not nocturnal at all. I'm just glad he's healthy. That's the best we can hope for with our fur babies. Life would be sad without them. Well, I think it's time for me to take a hot shower and have some more coffee. Cookies won't bake themselves!


JB's Big World said...

That candle sounds really nice. My mom always has candles lit. Her favorite right now is Tyler candles in the "Limelight" flavor. It makes the house smell really nice.
We hope you feel better. Maybe the new dr will be able to help.
I will probably be like Cody when I am older...super frisky like I am now at almost to stay frisky, as it will keep us young!

Daisy said...

Frisky is good! I like to act crazy, but I also have a lot of time when I am just hanging around looking out the window and napping.

Sunrunner said...

Hi!!! I really like those candles! I almost picked up one of those the last time I got candles. I love going to the local Yankee Candle Co. store and checking out the candles that come out every season!