Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Wating Along With Demeter

Today while grocery shopping I picked up potting soil so I can start my seeds. I actually can't start seeds until around March 10, then supposedly by mid May I can set the seedlings out in the ground and in the pots on the patio. These pictures are copies of antique seed packets. They are also two of my favorite flowers. I have read that the Fairies love them too. ;)
I think I will start some catnip sometime this week though. They like the dried and they like it when I roll their toys in it, but fresh nip really gets them excited.
*Sigh* The snow is still so deep and it's so cold. It feels like Spring will never come. I gazed out my kitchen window this morning and the sun streamed in. It felt warm on my face and I imagined I heard a whispered, "I am coming. Hold on." Maybe it was Persephone. :) That was one of my favorite Greek myths as a child. Pandora's Box scared me. I don't think the illustrations of all the nasties that came from the box helped. Yes my imagination gets out of hand sometimes. Now, I must face reality and finish making dinner. Then hopefully I can get back to my Mrs. Murphy mystery: The Purrfect Murder, by Rita Mae Brown and her co author, her cat Sneaky Pie. Happy Weekend!


The Cat Realm said...

I guess we are lucky, living in the mild climate of Southern Arizona. The nip is growing nicely in the pot, and so is the chard and the spinach and the lettuce for the humans!
Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Daisy said...

The fairies DO love those flowers! I found that out from the Big Piney Woods girlcats.

JB's Big World said...

Of course you must plant some nip. My mom bought a whole container of the dried stuff yesterday!
That is funny that Billie is like PooPoo. Don't they want to be clean.
PooPoo was even dirtier last looks like she had an "accident", and mom now must take her in for a lion cut. Out vet has to drug her too, and mom hates doing that to her, but we don't think there is any choice at this point. I'll report what may be this week.
Have a great day!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

For her daughter to return from below...we are waiting also to hear the first footfalls of Persephone to signal six months of life and growth.
Mommy wishes for foxglove and babies breath in a pretty Victorian garden. We dream of garden energy and wish we had a gardening friend to encourage us and even help share in the fun of the chore. Mommies Oma in Germany and her own mom were Master Gardeners...we tried to follow in the footsteps but this desert heat is not friendly to our choices. So we struggle with ourselves...dream alot and read how it could be in books and magazines. We fall short, but our memories fail us not and fill us with comfort.