Friday, February 15, 2008

Flowers From My Sweetie And Greetings From A Friend

These are the flowers my Husband Roger gave me for Valentine's/ Anniversary Day. They are in my favorite colors purple and orange. There are roses, tulips, sweet little Daisies, and a flower that begins with an "R" that I will misspell. :) You can click to bigafy. I hope my mantle isn't too dusty...
The card with the little kitty is from a certain Peachy Cat and her Mommy. We have never formally met in person, but how dear and kind and lovely of Karla to send me this! I will treasure the card and the picture of Miss Peach forever. Thank You Karla and Peach!
We didn't do anything super fancy yesterday. It's been 22 years now and we celebrate quietly, doing things we like. We went to a very nice quiet bookstore with a really pretty little cafe and had a late brunch and just relaxed. We had our hot mochas which is always our favorite treat when we go there. By the time we got home and my daughter came home from school I was tired and achy again. So I took a short nap then Rog and I made dinner together. I know, not very exciting. But, you know, we spent the day together doing things we like to do and that's how days like that should be spent. I must confess I thought of Tookie. I think of her everyday, but at each holiday I think "my first ____without Tookie" I don't ever want to not think of her. I guess that's love never fading. Flowers will wither, but love always blooms.


Daisy said...

Those flowers are beautiful: so sunshiny and happy-looking. Your husband has good taste!

JB's Big World said...

What gorgeous flowers. I am glad you had a nice day yesterday. Sometimes the best days are spent not doing much.

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Those are drop-dead gorgeous!

Mo said...

Tookie will always be with you in your heart!

Those flowers are beautiful. Ranunculus are one of my favorites!