Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Time To Play (For The Cats Anyway)

Cricket is showing off her big catch. These three mice had a nice roll in catnip, then they were perfect for playing with. The tissue paper that she is sitting on didn't last very long. I had a scarf wrapped in it and after unwrapping it I left it spread out on the floor. Cats seem to like smooth surfaces to lay on. Well Cody and Cricket had other ideas. After I took this picture they shredded it. Cody actually took a running start and landed on it with all of his claws out. The poor mice flew all over the living room. Cody did the most damage, but Cricket raked her claws through it briefly. I think the crinkly noise startled her. (Oh, those guitars are from my daughter's video game.)
She is kind of a nervous cat and some sounds send her running out of the room. She hates aluminum foil, so I try to wait with using it if she's eating in the kitchen. (the things we do for our cats!) It has been pretty quiet around here. Still cold, still snowing off and on. Blah. There was some excitement near our area yesterday. Just East of us is a neighborhood called East Town. It's an eclectic area of all kinds of shops and restaurants and the homes around it are older late 19th century. In the shopping district there was a natural gas explosion that destroyed the building that housed several stores. Seven people were injured, none severely and pieces of the building flew through the air. Car windows blew out, the neighborhood filled with smoke, flames shot up at the explosion site and many people lost power. Many residents were evacuated and the area will be a mess for a while. My daughter is worried about a coffee shop that she and her friends frequent and one of her friends actually lives in the neighborhood that had to be evacuated. We haven't heard from her yet, so they could be in a hotel for the day. That must have been terrifying for everyone! I'm glad no one was seriously injured. I think I'm grateful for nice, quiet days. That's the kind of excitement nobody wants to have! *-*


Riley & Tiki said...

Those are some furry nice mice you have there, Cricket!

Daisy said...

Those mousies look fun! I do not like certain noises either: like the doorbell, the telephone, or anything loud.

That explosion sounds very scairty!

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

An explosion! Wow!! Was it today? I read your blog, but then the kids went nuts and there was some confusion and I must have clicked on the comments link. I will go back, but I'm sort of distracted now and useless.

Is mid-winter break over yet?

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Lorianna, I tried to mail you, but it bounced like a basketball. I can't find your darn address. Can you mail me?

Princess said...

I like that toy on yesterday's bloggie. I want one!!!!!

I do not like loud noises at all.
Those mousies do look really yummy and fun!


JB's Big World said...

My mom puts little gray mousies in our big container of nip to spice them too! She gives us tissue paper too! Great moms think alike.
Sorry to hear about the explosion...very scary.