Monday, March 17, 2008

Sometimes Green Isn't Good

Cody looks like he celebrated a little too much for St. Patrick's Day. He's actually just tired from a long weekend. See his overbite fang? I love that. :) He's so cute. When he's leaping over our heads at four in the morning, he's not quite as charming. We had a bit of excitement with him a few days ago. Warning: if you have a queasy stomach this is gross. Considering I had to clean it; trust me. I was sitting down to make a list and sort coupons for grocery shopping. Cody came to sit at my feet like he usually does when he want attention. I looked down and was about to pet him. Green pus was running down his face from a wound on his head! "Cody! Oh, no, honey what happened!"
Blink, blink. "What momma? I don't know what you mean."
Well, I cleaned it out with antiseptic cleaner, cotton balls dipped in warm water and finally Neosporin was applied. All by myself with no help. Oh, I also had to gently press on it to get the rest of the bright green goo out of the wound. It looked suspiciously like a claw wound. It turns out, Cricket just doesn't play rough, she plays for blood. Now I have to really keep on eye on them. I know it was an accident though and I'm not mad at Naughty Noodle.
The thing is, I didn't even notice a wound on Cody until it started oozing. The vet checked him out and said I was doing the right thing and if it becomes swollen or starts oozing again he will need the pink stuff. Now he has a scab, no swelling and some missing fur on his head. I'm so worried that it will get infected again. Maybe I should just ask for the pink stuff just to be safe. Why do they make medicine for pets bubblegum flavor anyway? He seems fine. Oblivious in fact. Bless Cody's heart, he usually is. :) My husband says as long as it's scabbing over he's fine. I never want to see goo that color coming out of any of my cats ever again! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


Daisy said...

Wow! What a strange and yucky thing! I think it was good that the ouchie burst and the icky stuff came out. Cody is brave. I hope he does not have to take yucky medicines.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Cecil the Cougar: said...

Cody is very brave and so is you Lorianna for taking care of it all by yourself! You is a very good cat Mommie!

PS: I am learning how to go out on the harness like Daisy and the other cool, older cats.

Right now, I usually just walk a few steps and then flop down. I think I am maybe sometimes a little scairt. And sometimes a little lazy.

JB's Big World said...

Ooh, green goo. That sure sounds bad. I am glad Cody is going to be ok. Why don't they make medicine in the flavor of Temptations? We'd all take it then!
Have a great evening!

Princess said...

Awwww poor Cody. That sounds like it was pretty germy. Green goo is nver good. I hope he can heal on his own with out help... but I would keep watch over that for a few weeks even, just to be sure it does not spread to eyes or mouth...
I hope you had a happy day

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh sweet Cody! Sporting battle wounds to match the celebration of the wearin o the green has taken on a new meaning with you!
You get a badge of courage and bravery!
Love from Miss Peach

Mo said...

I'm 100% with you on 'why do they make medicine for cat bubble gum flavored?' --- what, tuna-flavored is too expensive????

Glad cody's head wound wasn't more serious, and is healing ok.