Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day Of Spring

First, Happy Spring! Isn't the mouse cute? Her name is Vera. She is the creation of artist Marjolein Bastin. I had a little collection of her notecards at one time, but I used most of them. I have been looking for more, but it looks like the internet is the only source right now.
They are forecasting very un springlike weather for tomorrow. I think if Michigan wasn't shaped like a mitten then maybe winter would leave us alone. Are there any states shaped like palm trees? :)
Well, I tried to get a picture of Cody and his healing boo boo, but he didn't want to pose for long. It is on the right between his ear and his eye. Just a little scab. Maybe it's easier to see when bigafied. He looks even better today. I had to break up another skirmish between him and Cricket this morning. She was about to smack him in the face again! I noticed this burst of aggression came after my daughter tossed Cricket out of her room. Cats are like toddlers really. They're pretty smart and calculating in their thought processes and will act out when upset. I will have to lay down with her this afternoon to let her know she's still loved. I didn't sleep well last night anyway. ;)
I hope this next cold snap passes quickly. Until then I will sip my hot tea, catch up on housework (again!) and figure out what to make for Easter dinner. I hope it's sunny where you are and if you're in Michigan, well, don't put your winter coat away yet. grrr...


Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

He looks positivly pissed off. LOL!

Lorianna said...

You should have seen him when I put anti biotic ointment on him!

Mo said...

I refuse to believe what the weatherman is saying about tonight!!!!

What time do you want me to show up for Easter dinner? :)

Daisy said...

I wish you would have better weather. Where I live, we have beautiful weather in winter, but for half the year it is very hot and humid and uncomfortable. Too hot to go strollering unless you go right at dawn!

I'm glad Cody's wound is healing right up!

Cecil the Cougar: said...

I am so glad that Cody's boo-boo is healing! I think Cricket must behave better, it is not nice to kick someone when they is down! I am sure that Cricket does not mean to be mean though.

Daisy is right, we has good weather in winter but it is SO hot in summer. Like when I was borned it was 90 degrees. My birthday is August like my Mommies :)


JB's Big World said...

It will soon be spring, really! Even in Michigan!
Cody must be getting much better. I am glad he is a good healer.