Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cricket's Side Of The Story

No, this is not my mugshot! Hmmph! I have been implicated in giving Cody a boo boo that resulted in green goo coming out of his head.
These are my excuses:
I was only playing.
I forgot to retract my claws.
His head was in the way.
He started it.
He told me my butt was big.
He ate my Temptations.
I was under the influence of Nip.
Now, I ask you; Are these not all completely valid reasons for a kitty to take a swipe at another kitty? Fortunately, Cody has forgiven me. He is even making his trilling noise, which means he is looking for me and wants to play.
Mama told me that I better not ever give him or Billie another boo boo ever again. She can handle my peeing with her magic pee cleaning solution and she can tolerate shredded magazines, but boo boos are dangerous. As it is I am under Close Supervision when Cody and I play. Momma calls it Probation. Not that I would ever get in serious trouble. I'm too cute and Momma loves me. I'm her Naughty Noodle. I have moved passed this. Cody just has a tiny scab and I'm still snuggling with Momma at night.
I have something important to focus on now. Rumor has it that a giant bunny will be visiting us tonight! I will be waiting... I have heard that the ears are the best place to start with the bitey. Wish me luck! (I hope I won't violate my probation when I go bunny hunting.)


Daisy said...

Dear Naughty Noodle,
You were justified.
Your friend,

Cecil the Cougar: said...

I fink that those are all very valid reasons! But I still wish that green goo did not come out of Cody's head because that could mean bad things. I am hoping that the Giant Bunny is not dangerous, this is my first Giant Bunny day, ever! Last Giant Bunny day I was not yet borned!

JB's Big World said...

Those are really good reasons. I think you were justified in your actions. Hopefully probation will not last and you will find that bunny!
Happy Easter!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

I hope you will all play nice this Easter Sunday! Maybe that Easter bunny will leave me something in my nest too? I have been real good all week and offerdmany nice things for him to look at on my bloggy...I wonder if he has time to read blogs anyway between dyeing those many many eggs?
Happy easter dear HAVE made mine don't you know!
Love Miss Peach

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

PArdon me, Magick Pee Cleaning Solution?? Seriously? WHAT IS IT? I'LL PAY YOU TO TELL ME!!!!!!

Mo said...

I think "his head was in the way" is the best one!
Not The Mama