Monday, March 10, 2008

Hey, When Did Monday Get Here?

Cody is winding down from a tiring weekend. We had a housefull of loud teenagers yesterday, supposedly working on another physics project. They are supposed to make a bridge with popcicle sticks. Well, my husband did all the work. They gave some opinions on how it should be done, then played video games. I'm afraid I wasn't much help either. My new anti inflamatory medicine is making my stomach very upset. I spent most of yesterday afternoon in bed and I'm still queasy. I think I'm not going to take it anymore.
Poor Cricket! She is traumatized from all of the loud kids that invaded her home. When the last two finally left last night she crept very cautiously downstairs to investigate and sniff everything. Billie seemed a bit upset too, but she got over it more quickly. Cody didn't like the noise, but he is a social butterfly and managed to mingle and get some petting. After everyone left he crashed on the sofa and started making his baby bear noises in his sleep. :)
I have so much I should be doing today, but I feel so icky. I'm worried that my husband is becoming impatient with me feeling so bad all the time. It takes me all day to clean up the house and dinner has been very late, usually around 7:30. I feel so "urpy" today that I don't even want to think about making dinner.
Cody has the right idea. He just chills out when he needs to. Sometimes I wish I was one of my cats, but then I would have to have a momma like me to take care of my cat self. Hmm... I think I just confused myself. Any way, I'm just going to drink plenty of fluids, visit blogs and hope I feel better this afternoon. If not, Husband and Daughter may have to forage for themselves. Really, the kitties are so much easier to please!


Daisy said...

I do not enjoy visitors, either. Even quiet ones! I usually hide under the bed.

Do you think eating some crackers would help your tummy feel better?

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh mommy has such a sad concerned look on her face because she knows you are not feeling well. She wants to rush over with her down filled floorlength housecoat and a pot of peppermint tea for you. That is what got her through the cold snap at the beginning of the year. Have you ever had a down garment? They are sso very light weight and would not be rubbing your tender bones. Even a sleeveless down vest over a pullover would keep your upper torso toasty warm. I know these things you see because momy gotted me a sleeping sack from Goodwill and I sleep in it like a Peach burrito. She sewed the neck and arms shut so I od not feel any draft! I can crawl inside of it all alone with no help! You need this!
Always in my best thoughts over the day...Love Miss Peach

Cecil the Cougar: said...

Purrs I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I think eating some raw meat or uncooked tuna would help! Or maybe just a few temptations. I will share mine with you Lorianna because you always leave me the nicest words on my blog. You are one of my favorite humans in the whole world even though I have never met you! Your kitties are very lucky.


michico*Adan said...

I hope you are feeling better now:) I am praying for you~!!!

I think Adan is very brave, although he dislike customers, but he is always learning to like them. Make himself to face the visitors. I am so admiring him, he is very brave, not because he is an adult cat and refuse to be face!
I am so proud!

big hugs,

JB's Big World said...

We don't like visitors at my house either. My sister, Taffy, used to be the social butterfly.
How about just ordering in pizza or something? Then you can spend more time with your kitties instead of cooking! :^)

Riley & Tiki said...

We are sorry the medicines are making you sick and hope that crackers or other foods help. We have very slow on updating our blogroll, but we will add your blog when we do that again. Until then, purrrrs.

Mo said...

My girls don't like visitors either - but they've warmed up to Bessie a bit. But that's better, just one on one than a house full of kids...

(I'm smiling at Miss Peach's burrito imagery.)

Hope you're doing ok.
sending hugs & bright blessings,