Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cricket's Deep Thoughts

ItalicWaiting... We are waiting for spring. Wishing... We wish the snow and ice would melt and the sun would warm the earth. Wanting... We want our pretty flowers to bloom and our songbirds to return.
Until then, Momma will sigh and shed tears for what can and cannot be.
I however will just get bored waiting and shred magazines and chase Billie out of her litterbox! Hey someone in this house has to keep things interesting!


Daisy said...

Sometimes, if you wish hard enough, your hopes and dreams can come true!

Cecil the Cougar: said...

That is very thoughtful of you to keep things interesting in the house! It is an important job that someone has to do!



Adan*Michico said...

I hope your spring will be come soon. At here, I think our spring is coming, because my fur is started changing.

Before that, hope you guys still maintain warm body, ok?

JB's Big World said...

Spring is coming, just you wait. Before long you'll have all sorts of flowers blooming!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Mommy is really homesick right now and she is not happy. The goodies from Luna started it all off again. I am trying so hard to distract her with my ear kissing and rubbing my face all over her hands...hope it works. She is still cleaning and clearing about the house. I gave up my part and just wait till she is done then pop up into her lap. To day it rained so very nice and that made her stop and take notice. We watched the rain patter against the window and dreamed about how the world used to be. Fresh and clear and started back to work. Rain is like tears that winter shed when he wants to hold on to the world and not release it into springs waiting embrace. Like a pouty child!
SOft hugs to you Lorianna and all the sweet kitties<3

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Well Lapdaddy decided to keep mommy busy so she would forget about being homesick. She got roped into helping with costume changes for his new play opening this month. They told me tonight after being gone ALL day. I was alone, yep, all day. First they went to Church, then to lunch, then shopping, then to the theatre. This is going to be a long rest of the month for me. Maybe I can come over and snuggle with Cricket and Billie...
I do hope you are warm and taking good care of yourself. Hopefully your family is very sensitive to your needs. I need Spring to come and make the world warm! That will make us both happy:)
You are always in my fondest thoughts...Karla & Miss Peachy

JB's Big World said...

Happy St Paddy's Day, Lorianna, to you and your family and of course your kitties!