Monday, March 3, 2008

Rainy Monday

Today is a good day to curl up and read. It's raining right now, which I think is better than snowing. It's supposed to turn to snow later, but I'm pretending that won't happen. Saturday I bought a Hyacinth plant and put it on my fireplace mantle. The living room smells like Spring. When I light my lavender candle later it will really smell like a garden. I'm trying to keep a dark mood at bay. Just the usual stuff; pain, cold weather, feeling bad for people and pets that are hurting, worrying about my little family and really missing Tookie. I could have opened an upstairs window for her yesterday. One of her favorites when she was healthy. I even dreamed that she jumped up into it without any problems. Maybe in Heaven she is sitting in a sunny window, with my Grandmother. I like to think of them together. She would be the one to take care of everyone's kitties. She had the sweetest smile, wavy brown hair and big gray eyes. She was only a little over five feet tall, but she was strong because she washed clothes with an old wringer washer and kneaded and baked her own bread. Yes, I think she is the perfect caretaker for the kitties in Heaven, smiling sweetly, letting them take turns on her lap.


Daisy said...

When it is my turn to go to the Bridge, my Mommie will not be there for me yet. So, I would like to look for your Grandmother. I think she would be a good caretaker for me.

ps: Thanks for thinking of Pixie. Her little heart is getting a little bit tired from working so hard.

Lorianna said...

Daisy, My Grandmother would snuggle with you and Pixie all the time. She''d flip over kitties as cute as you! :)

Cecil the Cougar: said...

That was a very touching post. If there were more people like your Grandmother and you in the world, less of us cats would be out on the streets. I sure hope there are tens of millions of your Grandma at the bridge helping to take care of us kitties.

michico*Adan said...

This is so beautiful~!!!I am looking forward someday I will play with your grandmother as well.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh such a heartwarming post today. I can hardly wait to be with my Grandmother or Oma as we say in German. Opa too, we would sit under the cherry tree and watch the day flow by. Not much conversation was needed when we feel so comfortable with each other. Oma would bring the 3:00 coffee and the world would stop for a bit as we gathered and had this much longed for break. Still today, not a day goes by that I do not stop at 3:00 and serve coffee for me and Dennis. Any clock that has stopped working I set to 3:00 in memory of this special time we spent together.
Gosh I don't know why I am feeling so melancholy these days....I really miss my mother too. getting older is rather hard at times. So I better grab Miss Peach and make her purrr for me before I go off to bed now.
You are always in my fondest thoughts dear friend....
Love Karla

Princess said...

Mommie has dreams of Caesar. She still misses him very much.
Today we are getting the rain and dreariness. I hope that the weather is clear and sunny for you today.
It is very hard to go on without our sweetest kitties.

(((hughughugs))) and purrs

Mo said...

Yes, yesterday was a good snugglin' day. And a good day for scented candles and remembrances...

Sending you big HUGS my dear friend!
Hope you aren't going to get the 5" of snow tonight like we're supposed to get in Michigan!
Bright blessings,

JB's Big World said...

I am sure that Tookie has lots of friends at the bridge....I am sure our Taffy is her friend too.
I like the moonflower....very pretty.
It snowed here last night! I post pictures, but not sure which blog yet. It hardly ever snows in TX!
Have a great day!