Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No, That's Not A Kitty!

"The cat is cryptic, and close to strange things
which men cannot see."

~H.P. Lovecraft- Science fiction author

Have you ever noticed your cat looking at something and following it with their eyes, but you don't see any thing? I think H.P. must have a cat. :) That was the first quote from my new calender.
Speaking of fury critters... Last evening we began to smell the unmistakable odor of skunk. It lingered in our living room for quite a while, so he either sprayed our foundation or on our front porch. My husband thinks that the dogs next door must have startled him, so he sprayed as a warning. We have lots of wildlife that wanders around our neighborhood despite living in a city and very close to the downtown area. We are also surrounded by lots of old trees. We have seen possums, skunks, several raccoons, bats, and even one time a deer while we were on a walk. I have no idea where the deer came from. I hope she made it to a wooded area safely, she sure was running fast.
Anyway, I agreed with my husband's theory even though I think there's another reason that I have no intention of telling him. A couple of weeks ago I noticed paw prints in the snow on our front porch. They looked like kitty prints which worried me greatly. I didn't want a kitty out in the cold wandering around. I put out a plate of dry cat food thinking at least kitty could get something to eat and maybe if I was lucky I would see him and bring him in from the cold. I would deal with Husband later. ;) Well, every morning the food was gone. I would put more out and check several times during the day and night, but I have yet to see a cat. Now, I'm wondering if I have actually been feeding a skunk. *-* I love animals so if a hungry animal enjoyed a good meal I'm glad, but I don't think spraying is a nice way to show gratitude. My husband doesn't know about the leaving food out and I'll keep it to myself. I'll keep an eye out because maybe there could be a cat eating the food and what he's not finishing maybe Mr. or Miss Le Pew is. I suppose they're could be worse things lurking around, (like teenage boys waiting for my teenage daughter.)

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Daisy said...

That skunk was very RUDE to stink everything up like that!