Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Has Come Again

We are going to try the going out thing again tonight. Probably just dinner. The bookstore would be nice, but I'm not sure yet. Tomorrow is grocery day and that can be exhausting for even the most robust of people. :) I'm having a hard time making an appointment with my doctor, because the office tends to overbook appointments. So, I'm looking at next month towards the middle of the month. Until then, I'm on anti-inflamatory pain relievers and a stronger pain reliever to take as needed when I can't sleep. There have been days when I have taken it in the afternoon, when all I really want is a nap.
Cricket likes that because I go upstairs to my bed and she can nap with me. That's the only time she's affectionate and only with me. She will flop on the floor in the living room and show her tummy when she wants to play and put on her cutesy act. (She's such a cute little evil genius)
As I grit my teeth after putting a blanket that she peed on in the laundry.
We've had her checked for this behavior. She's very healthy. She just expresses her anxiety or anger by peeing. *-* Usually it's directed at my husband when he ignores her when she wants to play. So I buy this product called Kids and Pets and use it liberally. It really gets the stinky out too.
Oh, my husband promised to have some camera training time with me, because I really want to post pictures. For some reason I'm having trouble getting the lighting right. And, we are going to get re chargeable batteries for it, because it really sucks the life from regular batteries fast.
Well I'm going to take a hot shower and find something other than flannel pajama pants to wear today. I hope I remember how to put mascara on, it's been a week since I wore any. It goes on the lashes, right?


Riley & Tiki said...

Good luck with the doctor. Mommy says that her co-workers tell her that stabbing yourself the first time is the hardest, it gets easier every time, and eventually it's no big deal. They stab themselves once a week.

Daisy said...

Napping is good for the soul. And for the cat.

The Cat Realm said...

I'm with Daisy - napping is good. we cats do it 20 hours per day.....
Maybe Cricket is jealous of your husband and therefore pees? It is very hard to figure out why we do things but it can be done!!!
We hope your pain will leave you....