Saturday, January 5, 2008

Another Fun Filled Satuday

I like finding stuff on youtube for Saturday posts. I even figured out how to post videos to my blog all by my self. For me that is huge! Today was a very typical Saturday; grocery shopping, baking, making dinner. By evening I'm always so tired. I told my husband I'm going to mummify myself with those adhesive heat patches. :) They don't take away joint pain, but they help quite a bit. Oh, and they work great for cramps.
Cricket, after several days of being good, has now gone back to the dark side. She's flinging her dry food all over the floor instead of the neat piles she had been doing. She peed on the quilt Billie had been sleeping on, (jealousy) and she's been running like a crazy thing all over the house. Maybe she's just really bored. I wish she'd let me put fashions on her like Daisy the Curly Cat, but I don't think any amount of Temptations will get her to do that. Well, not much new to report. I'm going to put my jammies on and make some tea. Hugs and purrayers to everyone; kitty, doggy, and human that's not feeling well.

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Daisy said...

Wearing cat fashions just takes a little bit of practice. And a LOT of Temptations.