Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Long Winter's Night

Hmm, Cricket has some explaining to do. :)
Last night I listened to the wind howl and pelt snow against the windows. My husband snored peacefully, unaware of the storm. I heard a cat meowing and got out of bed, fearing for a kitty that could be out there and prepared to bundle up to rescue him. The thing is, it sounded like Billie. Sometimes she wakes up meowing as if she's had a bad dream. Downstairs I found Billie, just awake, blinking up at me. Just in case I went from window to window, looking for pawprints in the snow and listening. Nothing. No sign of a kitty anywhere. Whew! Well, now Cody was awake along with Billie and they wanted a snack. Hey, Momma's up why not?
Finally, I got back to bed and my husband asked, "are you just coming to bed?" *-*
"No, I'm back from investigating noises and I can't sleep because of the wind."
He mumbled something and promptly fell back asleep, then resumed snoring.
Everything is closed today. Blowing snow, below zero windchill, and glazed iced on the roads. My Daughter let out a hoot of joy when she heard school was closed and went back to bed. My Husband stayed home from work. I am so tired. I'm either going to consume lots of coffee or take an afternoon nap. Maybe both. ;)
I've said it before and I'll keep saying it until the tulips bloom. I want Spring!


Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

We missed it, but that wind, man! Thank goodness my kids are in school today, because I am not feeling like breaking up fights :)

I am about to call my dad and get the weather there on your side of the state, straight from the horses mouth. Complete with complaining. LOL!

Mo said...

I vote for NAP.
Yep, we got it BAD here!
Last night at 5pm = 48 degrees and raining.
Then a thunderstorm.
Then the winds started and the temperature dropped like my self esteem on a blind date. :)
By 11pm it was snowing & blowing so hard, I could hardly see out the windows, and it was 22 degrees!
This morning = it was 5 degrees!
Now at noon, it's all the way up to a whopping SEVEN degrees! And it was almost FIFTY yesterday!

Oh, I am SO ready for spring!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh you live cuddled by two great lakes if my geo lessons don't fail me those storms can be frightful! SO good to have a day where everything just stops! Snuggle with the kitties and drinking coffee sounds like the purrrrfect thing to do and take a catnap when you can! We live in the desert of Washington and snow for us is a seldom seen event. I have not been out of the house for two weeks and am starting to get cabin fever. it is sunny today and I am feeling a tad better...maybe today we might go and do lunch somewhere but I still can not taste food so it would be a waste...what to do? Have some coffee to start the day and then we will see.
Enjoy yours as much as I enjoy your visits:)
Purrrs Miss Peach and the mommy
PS: morgan is so funny!!I do so wish he could find a nice home for his beautiful calico kitty...

Daisy said...

I wish we could have a snow day here. Then I could spend the whole day cuddling with my Mommie! I hope you stay nice and warm.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Just popped in to give you a furry hug before we go to bed tonight. I've been toasty warm inside my plastic box all day as the wild winds beat the snow to not pretty anymore.
Love Peachy