Thursday, May 1, 2008

Silly Billie

Billie: "Knock Knock!"

Momma (me): "Who's there?"

Billie: "Tuna!"

Momma: "Tuna who?"

Billie: "That lady can tun-a her instrument, but she can't tun-a fish!"

Momma: "Very good Billie! Now I hope I can figure out how to link your joke to help that nice lady and her kitties."

Billie: "I want tuna juice now. Mmm tuna juice, nom nom nom..."

Cody's eyes are about the same. He is acting normal and doesn't seem really bothered. His appointment is tomorrow afternoon. I hope Karla and Miss Peach are right and it's just bad pollen allergies. Our pollen levels are going up. He's getting tired of me bathing his eyes, but so far he's been a very good boy about it.
I will let everyone know what it is. I like the Vet, but I don't like going there anymore. Sad memories of Tookie going to the Bridge...
Take care and have a nice evening with those you love.


Mo said...

Sillie Billie!
Glad you posted a knock-knock joke!

One thing you can try is some lysine supplement for Cody's eyes.
The vets sell lysine powder that's flavored, very expensive.
What I did was get some lysine pills (organic) from the vitamin section of the drug store, and powdered them up in the mortar & pestle.
When Chloe had her upper respiratory infection last fall, I used 1 pill for about 6 cups of dry food. Now, I use 1 pill for every 8 pound bag of kibble as a daily regimen. I just sprinkle it into the canister and shake it up.
Many shelter use lysine powder to help ward off upper respiratory infections, so it can't hurt!

JB's Big World said...

I hope Cody will be ok. Maybe he got into too much nip and nip dust got in his eye?
Billie is too too cute with her knock knock. I hope she got some tuna juice!
Oh, and our computer has a major hairball....daddy Len is working on it now to see if he can fix it, or we may need to buy a new one.
Have a great evening!

Team Tabby said...

Oh that's a great knock knock joke! We loves tuna and tuna juice too.

Mindy & Moe

Tiger Lily said...

That is a good knock knock joke Billie!

I hope Cody's eyes will be OK. Ruckus had eye problems when she was little but she has not had any for several months now. She had to take that icky pink stuff every day for waaaay long though.

Karen Jo said...

That's a good Knock, Knock joke. I hope Cody's eyes get better very soon.

Christina said...

Billie your so silly...hehehe
Love your joke. Don't forget to give Cody some love paws and head nudgies to get better.
Trixie and Polly

JB's Big World said...

Is Cody ok this morning? Please let us know how the vet appt goes today!

Daisy said...

Billie, you made a funny joke!

I hope Cody's eyes are getting better.

Princess said...

Mom has been so busy, she has not had a chance to help me visit!

I hope the vet appointment was easy for Cody.

I hope you have a perfect week-end. It is hot here, 82! too hot for hotflash lady.

I love the KnkKnk joke. vEry very creative! I do LOVE tuna! I hope you got a little bit Billie!

Camie's Kitties said...

Hi Cody - You have a GREAT name. Thanks for playing with us. We have had such a great time going around to all the blogs and reading all the jokes. Your's was great. We are glad to hear that your eye is okay - Tell your mommy she will be fine giving you your ointment.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie