Sunday, May 18, 2008

My House Smells Yummy And Cricket Keeps Us Guessing

I have brownies baking in the oven and the kitties are napping. My husband is writing out bills ( and grumbling) and my daughter is using up all the hot water in the shower. Yes, everything is normal here today. :)
It is still quite chilly here. They say we may have a warm up late in the week. I sure hope so. I have not been to the green house yet this spring. I'm not even sure what kind of plants to get.... Maybe some Foxglove and Delphinium. I also would like some hanging baskets for the front porch. One year we had this really pretty purple and pink plant that I think was called Fushia? One afternoon while Tookie was sitting in the front window and I was sitting with her , a hummingbird hovered over it and sipped from the tubular flowers. We were both so excited! I had never seen a hummingbird so close before and Tookie was on full kitty alert. I'm glad we saw it together.
I miss her so very much...

I still have a lot of Blog visiting to do today and I should probably go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Maybe this evening I can get a lot of visiting done while I have a brownie and a cup of tea.
Oh, I have to tell you about Cricket! She does not want anyone to know, so don't spread this around. She was super affectionate this morning and even let Daddy Who Sometimes Plays With Her hold her and pet her! I said, "Cricket, are you sick?"
She looked at me, jumped off of my husband and came over to me. Usually I am the one that she allows to touch her. I petted her for a minute, then she gave us both a "look" as if she'd suddenly come to her senses and immediately began to bathe herself. * -* Whatever....
She became pleasant again after I fed her of course. She certainly is an interesting cat isn't she?
I hope you all had a very nice weekend and have a wonderful week!


meemsnyc said...

Fuschia are such pretty plants. I used to work at a florist, and whenever it was spring, I would take a hanging plant of fuschia home. How lucky of you to have seen a humming bird so close! I've seen one here in Brooklyn once. When the magnolia tree was in full bloom, there was this tiny humming bird that visited frequently. Brownies on a Sunday sounds nice. We are baking chocolate chip cookies!

JB's Big World said...

Cricket is quirky like our PooPoo, but in different ways. I am glad you got to see a beautiful humming bird with Tookie. Memories are wonderful.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

We saw a hummingbird yesterday in the plum tree! Next time I see one, I will think of Tookie! Did I tell you that already? I forget! Oh well I got a bath yesterday because Lapdaddy said I was smelly like a stale would he know that?
I stayed outside all day and am back in the IN BOX tonight. This is working out well so far...he keeps his junk somewhere else till I tell him otherwise.
The salmon was tender but mommy needs to grill it with a sweet onion next time instead of a rude one...he bought the wrong kind because men do not know these things when they are told to get one in the store. Next time we will make bratwurst!
This will be a very busy week as Lapdaddy will be opening his new play this weekend. This play is not going very well and we are sorry we took the role...that is the royal 'WE'.
Mommy has a fuschia bush in the garden that blooms each year! Her Oma always grew many different types. We will have foxglove this year as a few of the seeds we planted last year have come up! YEAH!
Mommy loves brownies and puts dark chocolate chips in hers with some pecans. YUMMY!
Well another week to enjoy life...make it count!
Much love from Miss Peach

Adan*Michico said...

I have seen humming birds very close to me before, it made me so excited as well, I even believe it's my lucky day. There were 2, at very late evening in a big famous garden near my house. I guess I won't have this beautiful chance again, but I will grateful that special met before.

I hope you will have a relax Sunday night, or a fresh good new week~!!!

I love this photo very well~! Very very elegant!

Princess said...

I hope it does warm up for you this week. We have a chilly windy day, might be 68.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday <3

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

I DETEST the grocery store. Especially Meijer's. Ick. Have fun :)

JB's Big World said...

Hi Lorianna,
PooPoo wants to know how Cricket is today. PooPoo was a bad girl today and she pooped in the dining room. Mom tried to scold her, but everyone knows you can't scold a cat!

Daisy said...

Brownies! I would love to nom-nom-nom some of those! But I am Not Allowed to eat chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Cricket sounds like a furry nice kitty. We think she's enjoying your guessing! She'll come around, we all do... eventually!