Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hurry Up And Take The Picture Mamma!

This is what happens when I am bored with folding laundry and sweet, silly Cody comes to play. I put the toy mouse on his head and he actually waited for me to take his picture! He's so funny and so very patient. No, the soccer ball isn't usually a part of my decor, my daughter just hadn't put it away. :)

It has been all quiet on the home front which is just the way I like it. Is it me, or has this been a very long month? There has been a bit of excitement a few blocks away at the hospital in our neighborhood. A helicopter crashed on the roof of the hospital this morning! No one perished thank goodness. Black smoke filled the air for a while and the hospital has been evacuated.
A couple of months ago, there was that natural gas explosion in the quaint shopping district east of us. Wow, all of this happening all around us. Yikes!

I have been trying to visit as many friends as I can while I'm on the computer. Everyone's support during Billie's illness was just so comforting. I just hope I am able to offer support when anyone needs it. Please know how much I care for all of you and your fur babies!

Have a really happy ending of the week. Find time to do something that makes you happy. = ^.. ^=


Mo said...

I didn't even see the mouse at first - just looks like Cody is balancing the soccer ball from the tip of his nose, like a seal!

Hope there is sunshine in your day!

Team Tabby said...

That is a great picture of Cody! Have a great day.

Mindy & Moe

Daisy said...

Cody looks cool with the mouse on his head! That's a good trick.

I sure would have been scairt to hear a helicopter crashing nearby. Thank goodness everybody survived.

Quasi said...

Hi Lorianna,
I'm happy to send you a bookplate... could you please email me your mailing address (I think I have it somewhere, but I can't find it). Send it to and I'll get it right out to you!

Your Friend,

JB's Big World said...

Ha ha, you were picking on Cody like my daddy picks on me! I am glad nobody was hurt in the crash. That sounds scary.
My mom had to fly to Austin today for work and came back kinda late, and now she is mad at our computer again because it keeps locking up. I hope I can make my mom feel better by snuggling.
Thanks for coming by, and I am glad Billie is ok! I will post again in the morning.
Have a nice evening!

George the Pup said...

That's so nice of Cody to sit still, I know that my kitty siblings would never do that!

I wanted to thank you so furry much for coming to my Birthday Party yesterday - you all made it awesome!

It's always nice to meet another resident of the Mitten State!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Dear Lorianna. You have Cody trained very well:) I do not play much with toys but I like to wrestle with mommy a little bit sometimes. If she walks away before I am done playing with her, I reach out my paw and grab her. Tonight she gave me a bath! Oh brother I was ticked off...but now I am all fluffy and smell good.
It has been wonderfully cool and breezy here this week! Mommy just loves it and is in Heaven. It is so good to sleep when it is like this. The crickets (Hi Cricket, waves paws at you) chirp so nice all night and the fountain flows with soft water splashes. We need to clean out the garden shed tomorrow if we have the energy. We better find it before it gets too hot to do anything outside. We are so darn lazy...we must be cats:)
How scarry for you to have a helicopter fall onto the roof of the hospital! A blessing no one was injured badly.
I am so glad Billie is feeling can be a roller coaster at times. I hope this weekend brings you so me sunshine and fun in your garden.
We are always thinking about you.
Love Miss Peach and Karla

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Wonderful news about Billie. Perhaps there's a homemade treat to replace the temptations if they get crabby about the dry food substitute?

The helicopter crashing on the hospital is scary. We hope everyone is okay.

Katie & Da Katz said...

Oh ya knohs whats? Dat looks like a yellow fire hat.

Whats a pawtient kitty!

Wellz, weze havent moved yets. Mawmee and hur acting furrend iz buzy fixin up da plase. rites now deyz working on a littur box closet.

Da house iz an old Ranch hand supervisors home frums a furry longs times ago. Mawmee sayz about a hundred years ago!! oh goodnesss I kins only count to five!! Any wayz, hur Mawmeez Mawmee livd dehr fur abouts fifty of dohz yearz...