Friday, May 2, 2008

Cody Update

Cody has conjunctivitis. The Vet said she does not believe it to be viral. She put in some drops that turned florescent when it comes in contact with the eyes. Then she can see if it collected in his corneas to see if they were damaged. Fortunately he doesn't have any eye damage that she could see. She put in an anti-inflamation gel-ointment right against his eyeballs in a thin bead across the eyes. We must do this for him 3 times a day. My poor Cody Bear!
He was so good, as he usually is. She always calls him a senior citizen. :)

We are wondering if he somehow got something in his eyes outside. I do let him wander into the neighbor's yard. Maybe they sprayed it with something?
I feel awful. I thought it would be fine to let him play outside, because I kept a close watch. I guess it wasn't enough. A couple of weeks ago I noticed two dead birds in our yard, over the property line of the neighbor's. They didn't have a single mark on them, just dead as if they'd dropped from the sky. Maybe the neighbor's lawn is perfect because he uses chemicals? Just thinking of Cody having that in his eyes makes me cry. I tried to keep it together in the Vet's Office, but I feel like a bad kitty mom.
The Vet said he should be feeling better by the end of the weekend. When we came home he ate a lot of stinky goodness and crawled under the sofa. Other than his eyes he checked out very healthy.
Thank You All
for your purrs and prayers. Wish us luck putting the ointment in his eyes just like his doctor did. I'm so afraid I will scratch his eyeball, but my husband said he watched her closely and we just need to be firm and not let him wiggle. I think Cody is going to be wrapped like a kitty burritto in a bath towel.
Have a happy weekend. =^..^ =


MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh sweet dearest Cody! Please be a good kitty when mommy gives you your medicine. Sit still and know how much she loves you. It is hard when things get put in your eye...mommy cleans mine each day twice and I hate it! I see the wash cloth and run!
Tell your mommy that she will be alright giving you the needed magic potion to help your eyes...she is tough and can do this. Oh and one more was a good day for my mom thanks to your love and understanding. I hope you can come and see some of the dancers on my bloggie today. Maui is a fantastic island with so many cultures mingleing together...
I will keep you in my tiny heart and hope you will be brave Cody.
Love Miss Peachy

Daisy said...

Well, I am glad you know what is going on with Cody's eyes. I hope they get all better soon. Sometimes if you hold a cat firmly by the scruff of the neck, they will relax enough to let you squeeze in the ointment. Sometimes not!

Adan*Michico said...

Adan had conjunctivitis few months ago as well, don't worry about that, just take few drops will be ok~!!!!!! Maybe need some patients, but it will be alright in no time~!!!!

Big hug to Cody~!
Not to worry!!

JB's Big World said...

I am so glad that Cody will be ok. You are a most special kitty mommy and this is no way your fault. You never know what we kitties can get into! Maybe there was something in the grass next door. I always say, stay inside, it is I am scared to go outside! I take a peek when the door is open but when mom tries to take me outside I freak out! Hope you can get the medicine in Cody's eyes ok....I know that can't be comfortable.
Happy Sunday!