Friday, May 15, 2009

Meow a little purrayer for you

Say a little Purrayer

Hi everybody! It's me Miss Billie. Could you purray for my friend Praline? She has been sick with a fever and her VET says it's from stoopid fleas!
Her Mommy Paula is very worried of course and she is not feeling well herself. My Momma will light a candle for them and for anyone else who needs it too. Just let us know!
I seem to have allergies. I am sneezy, but not stuffed up and I am enjoying my Fancy Feast and treats just fine. Cricket's eye was inflamed and Momma put some goo stuff in it and now it's better. Momma says our pollen count is high and she is sneezy too. I thought the bumbly bees took care of the pollens? Hmm...
Anyway, Momma is all worried and fretting over everyone. She gets herself all worked up. You know how mommas are.
You can purray for my sneezies and Cody's hairball and Cricket's eye too, if you would like. We are always thankful for happy thoughts. Also, we are super thankful that Miss Peach is feeling better! Yay! :)

Please feel better Sweet Praline and Mommy Paula!



Amy said...

We are going to send our purrs and prayers and good thoughts to everyone, Praline, Momma Paula, Cricket, Billie, Cody, your mom, everyone! I know my kitties have allergies and they are no fun - Lola gets them in her eyes but they don't get swollen, just very mucked up - but she has eye goo too. I hope you all have a good weekend and that everyone is starting to feel better by Monday!!

Daisy said...

I am sending my very best purrs for little Praline to get better! And also for your sneezles and for Cody and for Cricket and your mom, too. I know it works, because I got all better myself!

Sweet Praline said...

Thank you Mom Lorianna and Miss Billie. I am feeling better today. I met my mom at the door and have been meowing for treats and mom says my eyes are getting that sparkle back in them.

It's a long story about my mom's health. She said she would email you, but basically, her mouth aches every day and now because of all of the medicines, her stomach has been hurting for over 5 weeks. The doctor is going to put a scope down her throat in two weeks.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Allergies are terrible. Our oldest boy suffers from them. He had allergy shots for years when he was little but they didn't do much good.
Pollen and grass & weeds are bad for him and so are us kitties. He is moving home from grad school in a couple weeks and we fear he will be miserable all summer.
Mom uses a rx nasal spray and she's symptom free.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We hope all of you feel better! And Praline too.

Mo said...

lots to purray about - don't forget Charlie Cat over at Missy & KC's blog - and we'll keep you in our thoughts, too, Billie!
mo and the purries

JB's Big World said...

We are purraying for Praline, fur sure. We have not been around much, but please know our purrayers are still working and strong and going to Praline. And to you all at your house too!
There is lots of bad stuff going around right now......

Karen Jo said...

I have been praying for all the sick kitties. Allergies can be miserable. I took shots for years, but it did the trick. Now I just have a bit of sneezing and coughing, not the misery I used to have.

meemsnyc said...

Poor Praline. We hope she feels better soon. We hate allergies. There is a lot of pollen in the air lately!