Friday, May 8, 2009

Billie In The Window

Quiet Afternoons.

Hi everyone! Billie here, to say, I finally got the window! I was very excited so Momma took my picture. Usually the other kitties get in it and I am the last to have a chance. So, while I'm waiting I fall asleep. I like to sleep on momma's lap when she's on her laptop. She puts it on the sofa and sits on the floor so I can rest on her legs. If she looks uncomfortable it's because her legs fell asleep and her feet were tingly. She hates to wake me, but when she just can't stand the leg asleep thing anymore, she asks me if I want Fancy Feast. I know those words by the way!

She will be very busy this weekend baking a birthday cake for the Daddyman and the Teenagergirl. They have the same birthday on May 10. Momma spent her birthday quietly on Wednesday with us in the afternoon. The Daddyman took her out to breakfast for her birthday and gave her a bookstore card and pretty papers for her crafting. She does not like to celebrate her birthday much.

We had visitors in our yard last night. Momma is going to try to take pictures of them, but they are very shy. There was a tuxie kitty that was pretty friendly and a little black cat who acted like he never knew the kindness of a loving hand. Momma left food out for them. We get a little jealous, but as long as they don't come in I guess it's okay.

We hope you all have a happy weekend and a Purrfect Mother's Day!

Billie ~<3


Daisy said...

Windows are better than TeeVee!

Happy birthday to your dad and your girl! I hope they have an extra special day.

Sweet Praline said...

I love windows, too! But, my mom won't open the windows in my house because she doesn't trust the screens. However, I am very luck that several of the windows in my house are near the floor, so I can see out easily!

Mo said...

Ah, you look so great in the window, Billie!
Your mum is extra nice to leave some food for the strays!
Fancy Feast was on sale at PetSmart last night, by the way (you have to have a PetSmart card to get the sale price, but those cars are free) - we don't get Fancy Feast, but our cousin Inkie over at Aunt Bessie's does, and she said it was a good deal.
Have a great weekend!
The Purries and

meemsnyc said...

Billie how great you got the window. Windows are awesome. Happy birthday to the teenage girl and to your daddy man. And a happy belated birthday to your mommy!! Happy mother's day Lorianna!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh my sweet friend Lorianna...I can not believe I missed your birthday! I wish for you a wonderful day each day of your life...a little happy smile each day and a little time to rest reading Victoria and being loved by your band of furry kitties. Billie looks wonderfur up against the dark window. Peachy is much her old self again now...add that to your birthday present:) She is in a I DO NOT HAVE ANY PLACE TO SLEEP mood! That drives me crazy! I tried to take her to bed with me last night. Oh but nothin doin...she would no stay.
I hope you have a beautiful Mothers Day.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

You house is starting to sound like ours with all the visitor kitties! Mom had to chase momma kitty home yesterday & today because now that she is feeding her she is spending all her time on our deck looking in the windows. Mom said "go home to your kittens!"
Happy Birthday Lorianna! Our mom is lucky if she gets a card on her day.

JB's Big World said...

Oh my! 3 birthdays all at the same time? We hope you all had wonderful birthdays!
And Billie is lucky to get the window. She looks beautiful!