Monday, May 11, 2009

Cakes and Kitties and Nip= Tired

Busy weekend.

Toeshee is worn out. He played with a cat dancer and toy mice dipped in really potent nip today. They were pressies from his friends JB and Chester. I think Toeshee might have a crush on JB! ;) Cody thought Praline was pretty, but I told him to get in line because she has lots of suitors. I think it's cute that kitties are matched up in the cat blogosphere. We should all have some silly fun sometimes.

Yesterday we went to see the new Star Trek movie for my husband's birthday. It was a pretty good movie. The Imax theatre was a bit loud, but the big screen was cool.
My daughter got a really, really nice bike. She will use it to go to the community college which is a few blocks away and probably ride it to the nearby library and coffee shop. It's nice to have everything so close.
I'm happy to report that the cake I made turned out nicely. It's just an old fashioned chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Very good with Earl Grey Tea.

Now, the cute tuxie kitty! We can't figure out if the kitty is a boy or girl. It would be rude to grab and lift the tail and I didn't want to scare the kitty away. I haven't seen my new friend since I took the pictures on Friday. The food I set out is being eaten, but I'm worried. I have been able to pet the kitty and he, or she tips and rolls for me when I say hello. It's hard to not get attached. But, I can't have another kitty. If he or she comes around again, we may just put up a few found signs and hope the nearby no "you know what" shelter isn't full. Sadly, in this economy many people give their pets up and many shelters are full. Maybe the tuxie has a home and just goes out to play. She or he wasn't super skinny. I guess I'll find out at some point. I just hope my new friend is okay.

I will be hopping around to visit blogs as much as I can this week.
Lots of Hugs from us!~


Sweet Praline said...

Awwwwwww, how sweet that Cody likes me, too. My mom says I can have as many suitors as I want to!

Mom is licking her chops about the chocolate cake.

Mo said...

You're very nice to put out food for the pretty tuxie.
Just saw a report on the South Bend Humane Society - they've had over 2.500 animals brought in since the first of the year!!!!
It is very heart-breaking to see the condition of some of the animals brought in, and a very sad story over all.
Hope your tuxie has a home and just comes to visit you.
Of course, my own tuxie is tearing apart MY home as I type this, the little rascal...
Glad you got to see the new Trek movie, esp at IMAX! We don't have an IMAX theatre near here... and haven't seen it yet on a regular screen. But I want to!
I mean, I already got my Uhura glass at Burger King!
Hope you're doing ok!
your friend,

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Glad to hear you had a nice weekend! That little tuxie is a cutie! We hope he hasn't been left homeless. We have a homeless momma cat and now that mom has been feeding her she spends most of the day on our deck looking in the windows. Yesterday a big gray intact male was here sniffing her, and we fear there will be more kittens soon. Mom chased him away, but once they get the scent, we know he'll be back.

JB's Big World said...

Toeshee looks so cute sleeping....**blush**.
I wonder who that tuxie kitty belongs to? I hope he has a home. That looks like a yummy cake!

Daisy said...

Toeshee, you got a Cat Dancer?!? That's one of my very most favorite toys. It's good to play and play and play and play until you are all tuckered out.

Mo said...

PS ~ there is an award for you all over at Purrchance To Dream

Amy said...

Hi, I found your blog through Purrchance to Dream. I can't wait to read some more. I have to say it is funny you mention the Star Trek movie - we went to see it in Imax on Friday - but for us the machine broke with 30 minutes left. I agree it was very loud that way. I hope you have luck with the kitty, hopefully it has a home, because you are right about the shelter situation - a woman I work with is trying to find one for her daughters cats but they are all full. The kitty looks well cared for in the pictures, so it may just wander around sometimes.

Black Cat said...

Crumbs, you did have a busy weekend! The kitties look so cute eating their nip and then sleeping it off.

That chocolate sounds like the kind my Granny used to make - yummy!

Congratulations on your award, very well-deserved :) xxx