Monday, July 28, 2008

Walk Through My Garden

I had a kind of blah weekend. Nothing much to do and really not feeling like doing much. I finally had the afternoon nap I have been longing for. Cricket liked my company. :)
I got out to my garden and did some weeding and I have been taking pictures. I have my garden sectioned off into different areas, or rooms, depending on the amount of sunlight. I had to learn how to do that the hard way. Actually I'm still learning.
Today's pictures are from the south side of our Old Lady Victorian. The buttery lemon lillies are a rare find for me. They were all by themselves at the nursery where I discovered them a few years ago. They have been blooming and multiplying in blooms every year since. They smell better than any perfume I have found
Italicyet. (Well, except for one called Savannah Gardens which has been discontinued :( )
The White Lily is not really scented heavily, but it glows in the moonlight.
Actually the lillies are growing on the South East side.
The Morning Glory's and the Viola's seem to like the full southern exposure with just a little extra watering.
Next Time, I will show you the West side, which is shaded and inhabited with Fairies. ;)
I also have a front yard garden with a Northern exposure and I'm waiting for my late summer bloomers to wake up. I wish I could claim my gardens are weed free, but sadly no. The weeds and the RA are winning, but I continue the battle. Winter's are too long and cold here to not have beautiful plants to look forward to.

The kittie
Italics are all well. It's getting pretty warm here again so Billie is getting more brushing than she cares for. Toeshee is way too energetic. Cricket is an angry Queen of All She Surveys. Cody is a sweet and beleaguered chewy toy for Toeshee.

I have not visited anyone in the blogosphere at all this weekend! I think it will take me all week to catch up. My husband has vacation this week. we are sticking pretty close to home, but hope to try to have a little fun by going here and there around town.
Hmm... Blogger, for some reason has misplaced the font selection all of a sudden...
I don't think I did it. :)

I will be by soon to say Hi! Sending HUGS your way!


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Oh we love your flowers! Pansies are one of mom's favorites! That is wonderful the lemon lillies like it there and bloom so faithfully for you. We'd rally like to come & take a roll in the dirt then sleep in your garden!

Sweet Praline said...

What beautiful flowers! Mom says she kills everything she tries to grow! She doesn't even have any luck with growing kitties. Hee! Hee!

Drop by and chat anytime with mom. If you want to email her, her address is

Daisy said...

You have some gorgeous flowers in your garden!

JB's Big World said...

Hi Lorianna,
Your flowers are beautiful! My mom had some violas in a pot in the backyard but they never live past about early June because of the heat here. We love your lilies!
Hope you are having a good week with your husband on vacation. We are gearing up for the move. Movers are scheduled for the 9th and we close on the new house on the 6th. Still not many showings on our current home. I am crossing my paws really hard for my mom.
Hope your household of kitties is not creating too much ruckus!