Monday, July 21, 2008

Pretty Mermaids and A Dreamy Cricket For Monday

Well, it's another Monday The weekend for me was quiet; bookstore, craft store (the Halloween decorations are out even earlier than I thought!) and resting from a flareup of the RA monster. My feet and hands have been so swollen and sore! I am back on the Prednisone so I should be getting some relief soon.

I have been daydreaming about the ocean and mermaids. I would like to stand on soft cool sand and feel the cool foamy waves tickle my toes. I would wade in and soothe my sore feet in the welcoming salt water. If I look long enough and wait patiently as the sun begins to set I will see a mermaid frolicking in the waves. The sea breeze catches her hair and mine and we share a smile.

Cricket has been daydreaming about getting rid of Toeshee. He is still wild and he gets put in time out a lot! He has even jumped up on me with teeth and claws! I'm hoping it's just a kitten phase and he will not be a mean big kitty.
I don't understand... I baby talk to him and try to cuddle and pet him often. Sometimes he is so sweet and seems to love just laying near me and sleeping and purring. But, then as if a switch is turned on he becomes wild and mean attacking the big kitties and even me, Momma!
Cricket seems to scare him as he hasn't touched her yet, but Billie and Cody are fair game. Cody can pin him down until I can get to him. Poor Billie though! She always looks completely shocked and frightened when Toeshee goes after her. I squirt him with a water bottle, or my husband will and we put him in the cat carrier for a bit of time out. At night he goes upstairs to the bathroom to spend the night. He has plenty of food, water, toys and a litterbox and a nice breeze from an open window. Does he sleep? I have no idea...

Oh, please don't let him be a Badkitty! I sure hope becomming a mancat mellows him out.

Cricket and I hope you make time to daydream and have a wonderful Monday and week.
Hugs and Purrs! ~ =^..^=


Princess said...

Monday greetings to you Lorianna. I am so sorry to hear that you are having troubles with your RA. I hope you are feeling better today. I know it must be very frustrating to have this annoying burden pop up when ever it pleases and has to ruin your fun!

Cricket looks very happy.
Pierro also gets nutty and naughty, mostly in the evening, but at other times too. He likes to jump on me.

You might try one of those feliway atomizers for the room. might help. Mom suggests not to get angry with Toeshee, but he needs to learn that some things are no no. Mom claps her hands loud and says no no Pierro, or when she thinks Pierro is getting ready to do something naughty she will speak in a gentle tone reminding Pierro to be gentle and nice, then she praises him and me (for being brave, and reminding me I am the boss)
Pierro and I sleep in separate rooms at night. I tend to scream and roam the house at night (Caesar did too) and Pierro just gets into trouble and mom does not want him to wrestle with me in the night.

We have no nice breezes here. It is very warm and humid, bleh. Mom never gets headaches but she has one today :-(

(((hugs))) and purrrs

Mickey said...

Gee,it's too bad Toeshee is a little wild kitty! I think it is a phase.It's been a long time since there have neen kitties around!
I guess Adan has the same problem with Lego. I think Princess has good ideas.
Mom likes your description of the ocean and mermaid! We live so close to the ocean,she wants to go there and think about mermaids:)
Purrs Mickey

meemsnyc said...

Wait a sec, did we read correctly, did you say Halloween decorations? ahahahahhahahah, no way!

Daisy said...

I think Toeshee will settle down as he grows up.

Oh, I have not given a thought to Halloween yet. Maybe I had better start planning my costume...

Sweet Praline said...

What wonderful thoughts! Mom didn't get to visit on Monday because she was dealing with the "Dell Computer Man" and she has been very tired from the surgery and the sinus infection. We just wanted to drop by and let you know we were thinking about you.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

We think its a baby kitty phase.they have 2 speeds, you know: 100 mph or 0.

JB's Big World said...

I sure hope he will not be a bad kitty. Or he might have to be in the slammer with PooPoo! I think he will calm down......I hope.
I am sorry to hear your are not feeling well. The medicine surely must help a little. Keep dreaming of a cool quiet ocean place maybe?

Cats said...

SnowForest human here ~ I'd like to thank you so much for your kind words of support after the loss of our dear cat Forest ~ the comforting words mean a lot to us and we hope and pray that your rheumatoid arthritis as well as Cricket settles down and blends in with the other kitties..we are sure he'll do fine as he grows up to become a gentle and sweet mancat..

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Dearest Lorianna...I am so sorry that you are in a flair up right now...we both need to get our feet wet at Peggy's Cove and wait for the mermaids to sing to us! Mickey will meet us there!!
I know little M is being so unpredictable in his behavior right now...I pray this will ease and he will settle in amoung the home kitties in his proper order.
The weather is nice here right now...we are so pleased.
I hope you will be feeling better soon and be able to enjoy your weekend in the garden.
Mommy went to Michaels today and the Autumn decorations are in full bloom. Course she could not resist!
Oh my I have to get to bed now...always thinking about you Karla and Miss Peachy