Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth. Enjoy The Cuteness

I'm back, though not feeling too great yet. Where do I start? Wednesday afternoon after my daughter left for her weekend at her friend's cabin, (two parents to deal with 7 teens yikes!) I thought I would start visiting my blogging friends. I made it to one and as I finished I noticed that it was getting darker by the minute. Thunder began rumbling and some lightning was flashing. I turned on the t v and saw a thunderstorm warning with heavy rain and cloud to ground lightning heading right for us. By now it was dark as night and Cody had headed for underneath the sofa. I decided to turn off my computer because my battery no longer works and I did not want my laptop fried. I also turned off the desktop my daughter had left on, lit a candle and turned on a lamp. The wind began to really kick up and the thunder and lightening were becoming more frequent. It was getting kind of scary here! I had to rush around closing windows. That was around 3:00 pm Wednesday. It stormed all night. 5 inches of rain, power outages and there were even some house fires around town started by lightning strikes.
Thursday morning I woke up to one of the worst RA flares I have had in a long time. My ribs were inflamed, my hips hurt as well as my ankles. I took a lot of pain relievers and I have been on Predisnone and Plaquinel. Nothing helped. All I could manage was to feed the kitties and rest with no sleep because I was hurting so badly. At least the kitties were good. I couldn't walk, or even sit up straight. You forget how important your ribs and hips are to basic movements. This morning at 5:00 am I awoke to really awful stomach pain probably courtesy of all of my pain medication and that stupid Plaquinel. All I could do was take an antacid and put a heating pad on my tummy. So, now I'm finally out of the grip of intense pain today, finally. I took a nap with Cricket and I'm trying to take it really easy.

Toeshee still has his moments of extreme naughtiness, but they are tempered by squee inducing moments of extreme cuteness. My husband calls it his survival mechanism. ;)

I have really, really missed visiting my friends! : ( I hope you don't think I'm ignoring you all. I truly have felt lousy. I'm so frustrated with this disease too. I'm waiting for the meds to work and not getting any pain relief. Doctors are willing to throw meds at the problem, but hesitant to understand and treat pain.

Well, I feel better after my whining. Can I offer some cheese with that? Sorry.

I hope you all had a Fun Sunny Happy Fourth Of July. I hope your neighbor's don't light off fireworks all night and make your street smell like one of Dante's levels of hades with all of the sulfur. :) I hope your fur babies are scared of all the noise. Cody is already hiding and will get some Nip to get him ina calming buzz.
I hope to start visitng soon, now that I can sit up. HUGS!


Praline said...

I do hope that you find some relief for your pain soon and that will last. I have been on one pain medication after another since February when I hurt my back and with the help of Jasper McKitten's dad, I am doing so much better.

Praline has not been as bad tonight with the fireworks! She is sitting right beside me waiting for more treats!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

My dearest have been in my thoughts this week so much...daily... often! The storms of life have their grip on you and I wish it were not so! I wish I could wave a wand and change it....know how much I care...
It was a wonderful 4th of July here at the cozy cottage...the best ever! Quiet, cool and reflective plus a picknick with friends and a vintage car parade with our club.
Little M is growing into his share of cuteness for sure.
Thank you for passing on the award to such deserving bloggers who touch your life...great choices all because I know how ard it is to chose.
Have a safe and blissful weekend free from stress and worry.
Love your Miss Peach

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lorianna, we are so sorry you're having such terrible pain.

5 inches of rain? Yikes! And thunder boomies, too? We did not have as many fireworks as years past, thankfully. Some folks are finally exercizing some good sense with the draught situation.

Daisy said...

Oh my goodness, what a scairty storm! I spent most of last night hiding under the bed from the fire-cackler noises.

I am so sorry that you have been feeling poorly.

Mo said...

We had those bad lightning storms on Wednesday night, too.
I unplugged everything and sat on the couch to read a magazine -- and Little Isis jumped up on me... and I woke up about 5 hours later when the next storm system came thru!
Last night Spooker hid under the bed during the redneck neighborhood firecrackers, but Little Isis slept in the bed with me for the first time ever!
Hope you get some relief from your pain. I was reading that sometimes arthritis flare ups can be caused by eating peppers (some sensitive people are even affected by tomatoes and potatoes - members of the nightshade family), would be worth doing some online research into that!
Toshee certainly is a QT Pa2T!!!


JB's Big World said...

I am sorry you are not feeling well! I will send you some healing purrs, lots of them. My mom has not been able to help me visit my friends either, so you are not alone. Our house is supposed to go on the market tomorrow or Wed, so things are crazy.
Get well!