Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hot And Cranky

Cricket is giving us her best cranky & disdainful expression. She is glaring at Toeshee, whom she still wants to eat.

Billie is enjoying the cool glass top of the coffee table. It is very humid here today. Furry and humid do not mix well. :) Poor babies. Oh, Billie would like to than everyone who wished her Happy Birthday! How nice! (((hugs)))

Toeshee is enjoying the tile on the hearth. He will be going to see the V E T next week. We think he has worms. (Let's just say, I did not give him spaghetti and that's what he threw up last night looks like. Sorry!) :( He seems to be feeling okay, with a good appetite. It seems like every month we have to take someone to the V E T! I guess the more kitties you have the more often the opportunity for that comes up.

Today was a big cleaning day. I wouldn't recommend mopping floors when the humidity is 80%. I felt kind of gross afterward and needed a shower. It also puts more humidity in the house. Great in the winter, probably not in July. :)

Well, as usual this week I am behind on visiting blogs. I will stop by as many as I can. I could use the smiles. Have a really wonderful summer weekend!


Sweet Praline said...

It's been hot in South Carolina today also. I have spent all day long lying underneath the air condition vents!

My mom says to tell your mom that she hopes she is feeling better today.

ZOOLATRY said...

Hi Billie 'n all: our human is always hot & cranky and sometime you just have to put up with them when they're like that.
She says it the Florida heat and humidity and something she calls
"meowmepaws". That meowmepaws thing makes her hot and cranky even when its cold!
Bye now, Maggy & Zoey (please see our next note below)

FLOOF & FUR said...

Billie... we thought you might like to be a member of our new club... check it out and let us
know (Praline has joined already!).
You can email us if you decide to join...
Thanks, Maggy & Zoey from Zoolatry and our mascot, Zee Bee.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

My dearest Lorianna, Miss Billie, Cody, Cricket and little 'M' kitten!
I have been having you on my mind so very much these days as I count my many blessings. You are at the top of the list. This has been a frightfully busy past few days once again laced with such sadness that we have missing many of our beloved friends. I have missed coming to wish darling Billie a happy birthday that she shared with my beloved Mickey and Adan & Michico. Mommy has made her a very special card that will look like her and it will go off to you next week. I hope she had a wonderful day with all of her sweet visitors.
It has been nice here and cooler after our windy dust came to sweep the heat out a bit. That makes mommy so happy! She is feeling her old self again and drinking her coffee yeah!
Now if only we had more time to visit our friends, life would be so good. We both (our mommies) understand the pressing need that creates inside of us because we love to give.
Stop worrying I always tell her...but she your mommy too. We just need to give them sandpaper kisses.
Wishing you a peaceful from your adoring Miss Peach and Karla

Daisy said...

Uh oh, WERMS! Round, spaghetti-looking worms are roundworms. Long flat worms (or little segments) are tapeworms. At least they are easy to treat!

We are trying to stay cool, too!

Mo said...

Toshee is getting so big!
Are you having him *snipped* while at the vet, too? Might as well take care of it now!

Oh, and Little Isis is rivaling her friend Cricket in the BAD GIRL department today... what you say I poke some holes in a box and put a stamp on it and send her your way???

Today's less hot and humid here, hope you're getting the same!

Tiger Lily said...

Happy Late Birthday wishes Billie from all of us! It is very hot here in eastern New Mexico too.

prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

JB's Big World said...

Everyone definitely looks hot. Worms? Do you think they could be my friends? Oh, mom told me that those kind of worms are not good friends to have. She told me that Misty had those kind of worms when she was a baby too. They are not good friends at all.
Have a great week!