Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Toehee's Tummy Troubles& Momma's Busy Day

Toeshee went to the VET today for his first exam, a shot, and a pill to get rid of roundworms. He has a lot! They are gross! He also has fleas so he had a Frontline treatment and we were sent home with enough to treat the other kitties with. Great... *o* Thanks to Daisy's Mommy I knew what to expect.
She has probably seen it all and then some at the shelter. Worms are awful and I hope that no furbabies have to deal with them if at all possible. Bring in those poo samples when the VET asks for them moms and dads!

He has to go in for the next dose on August 8th. Then we can schedual his snip snip. It seems like all I did today was clean up barf, scrub carpeting and scoop litterboxes. My kitties are high maintenance but they are worth it. Wow did my husband grumble about the bill! It was $121.00! (gulp!) 80.00 something of it was for the Frontline Flea medicine! He said he likes Toeshee, but thinks the VET ripped us off. I like our VET though. She's very thourough and seems to really like her job and the animals she treats. When she helped Tookie cross over she was very gentle and sympathetic. and told her it was okay to go to Heaven. For her to say she believed my kitty had a soul, a spirit that would not just fade away, but move on to a better place meant so much to me.

Well, I am am super tired! It's after Midnight here and I need to wash up and brush my teeth. I have a lot of Blogs to visit yet this week and I'm really hoping I can say "Hi" at least once to many friends by the weekend.
I hope tomorrow, or today actually won't be as busy for me and as difficult for poor Toeshee. I never want to see him throwing up like that again!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week! (((Hugs)))



The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Oh, poor Toeshee! Poor Mommy too! We hope all the problems clear up very quickly!

Please give everyone our best!

Princess said...

Today it is Thursday morn and I am just making it here. It is good when we are busy.
ALL of our vet bills are expensive. That is why we keep telling dad not to retire yet :-D
121 is not a bad bill and 80 seems reasonable too. Probably includes a few tests...
I know the kitties are a lot of work but we give you so much joy :-)
I hope today is a good day for all of you!


Riley & Tiki said...

Poor Toeshee. We hope the wormies go away soon!

Daisy said...

I'll bet you saw somethings you never thought you would see! Toeshee will be so happy to have those bad wormies gone. We hate worms!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

poor Toeshee! i saw over at JB's that he isn't feeling well. i didn't have roundworms when i was rescued, but i did have tapeworms. *shudder*. we'll purr and purr for him to get all better soon!

Mo said...

Poor little feller.
Don't hesitate to ask your vet if there are over the counter products (like for flea stuff) that you can use, OR ask for a prescription so you can get them cheaper at a place like 1-800-Pet-Meds or Drs Foster & Smith online.
Little Isis HATES her worm stuff = you're supposed to put her medicine on her food (yea, like Miss Picky is gonna eat anything *tainted*!) so I have to give it to her in a syringe squirted down her throat.

Hope you're having an okay day today, and know that you are loved!
Thanks for giving sweet Toshee a Forever Home!

Sweet Praline said...

Mom gets all of my medicine from 1-800-Petmeds (she orders online). Things are much cheapter there.

We hope Toeshee is doing better really soon!

JB's Big World said...

I am glad Toeshee is getting treatment...he must be very uncomfortable. My sister Misty had worms baaaaad when my mom adopted her about 13 years ago. My mom had to do all the same treatments, so she knows what you are going through. I think the vet bill does not sound that high. My mom says that if you find a vet that you like that you feel really cares for your animals, that you should stick with them. All vets can be a bit expensive, but aren't we worth it?.....that is what my mom says.
Will come back to visit sooner than later this next time, I hope!