Friday, October 2, 2009

October is Here

Rain is A Pain

Hello, Cricket here with another update. It rained last night, as you can tell from our dimly lit pictures. I told Momma no flashy thing and she listened. I hate that flashy thing! Toeshee and I settled in the living room. Billie for some reason has taken to going up to Momma's room. She never used to do that.
Cody likes to sleep in the dining room at night.
It's raining again today. The sun came out for a little bit, so Momma took a picture before the clouds came back.

She found a cute little journal for $ 3.00 and has decided to use it for an art journal. She thinks the pages will be different in colors and themes as the seasons and her moods change. She wants to try to work through her Big Sad this way. She says the best medicine is our purrs and company though. And visiting her nice Bloggie friends too!

Well, I am off to have a snack of Fancy Feast and then another cat nap.
Have a Happy Weekend and if you are a kitty do something just a little bit naughty for some fun!



Anonymous said...

It grey and cold here today too! Mom even made a fire in the fireplace and Pandora has taken up shop (again) next to it. We thinks her brains is gonna turn to mush from being so warm. Those are lovely arts your mom has made. We hope you all have a happy weekend! :o)

Amy and The House of Cats said...

We are cold and rainy here too! It is October for sure!

And I like the dim pictures - they are kind of orangy - very autumnal!

I hope your mom feels better soon - I understand how she feels because I have been the same way lately, although for different reasons. I think the idea of using the art journal is a great idea!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Dearest Lorianna! I just saw the wonderful gifts you sent to helena on her delighted her to no end with your kindness. That is what you are like and I love that about you. You unfailing kindness to others. I am sure you have wings!
I loved the Halloween card you made and the house book. You have such a gift for collage and I treasure each and everyone you have made for us.
It has been a busy week here and I am ready for some quiet time so I can craft. You are so right in that it helps chase the blues away.
Be watching your mailbox because a little package is on it way to you finally. I hope you like all the little treaures I included for you and the ATC's I made for our swap.
I like your autumn fairy you made...I will try my hand at a Halloween paperdoll next week.
Our backs are better thankfully. I went to the doctor and my bloodwork came back super good. He upped my sad pills and so far it is helping. That is a good thing.
Please know how special you are to Karla and Miss Peach (who is just peachy fine)

Karen Jo said...

I think your journal is an excellent way to combat your sad. Autumn is here for sure. The leaves are lovely, but they are already falling, due mostly to the wind. At least we get sunshine most days.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

We agree, rain is a pain and it is supposed to rain her all week.
The art journal sounds like a great idea. Hope you feel better soon!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

You guys are cute lounging around, but what else is there to do on a rainy day. Its been raining here for a week & a half. Very gloomy. Mom needs sun to keep her from depression. " The Big Sad" Really like that expression. Moms was several years ago, but with meds now she just gets little sads now & then. Does yours press leaves? Ours doesn't but the day Dad went into the hospital she found a gorgeous red & orange maple leaf and saved it in her Lectio Divina journal.