Thursday, October 8, 2009

Miss Billie Blogs Today

Billie's Turn

Hi everyone! Miss Billie here to give a repurrt. Cody and I finally let Momma take some new pictures of us the other day. It has been rather gloomy here and stormy too. The other night we had gale force winds shaking the house all night long! All of us kitties ended up on Momma's bed listening to the winds and the Daddyman's snoring. :)
The next day there were power outages and our neighbor lost a big branch from the maple tree that overhangs into our yard. The branch landed in his yard thank goodness! Maybe we will have more sun next spring in our gardens.
Sniff , Sniff
That is Momma's nose. She has bad allergies this year. The doctor said it's probably due to her immune system being off. She had her bloods taken and now she can start poking herself with that medicine again. She doesn't like the way it makes her tummy feel, but it was helping her hurty joints a bit. So, hopefully she can start feeling better soon.

Look at the Persian puzzle next to me! Miss Peach's Mommy Karla sent it to us in a box of treasures! The Lapdaddy is a skilled woodworker; a true artist!
I am very excited because Miss Peach and Mickey's wedding is on Halloween and I am to be a bride's maid! I wonder when I will have my first dress fitting? I probably better let Momma comb my furs without biting her huh?
Momma says I have become very cranky as I get older and I need to stop turning into a prissy hissy when she grooms me.
I am usually a very demure lady, but with my own arthritis I just do not like to be messed with! Surely she can understand that!

Well, I better go have a snack and get another nap in. Momma has to clean today and I prefer to stay out of her way, especially when she brings out the vacuum. I hate that thing! I always have too! There is a youtube video of a kitty riding on a Rumba robot vacuum. I think I'll pass on that Momma. Maybe Toeshee would do it.

Have a Happy Snuggly Day!


Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Billy!!! We are furry ecstatic to hear you are one of Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Peach's bridesmaids!!! That is super pawesome and the puzzle is great! We hope your mommy is feeling a little better and sorry to hear her medicine makes her tummie all yuckie. :o( We had super strong winds yesterday and thank goodness no trees fell at our house. And thank goodness no one was hurt by your neighbor's tree!!! Hoping you are all having a furry GRR-8 day!!!

Sniffs & Scratches~
Skeeter, King, and Pandora

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Ohh that is so exciting that you will be a bridesmaid for Miss Peach! You should be very nice to your mom so she will help you get ready! It is going to be very exciting I am sure.

We are glad your mom can take the stuff that makes her feel better but it is too bad it messes with her tummy - hopefully it will help and she can feel better and not need it for a while so her tummy can rest.

Elin said...

It's great!

Nice picture of u there! :)

Karen Jo said...

Miss Peach's and Mickey's wedding is very exciting. I am so glad that you get to be a bridesmaid, Billie. Our weather has turned rotten, too.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Miss Billie I am so glad that your mommy is so happy with all the treasures in the little box...we sure stuffed it full didn't we hee hee. it was our pure pleasure to collect everything we thought would make her smile. Some of the chocolates are from the cruise she took to Alaska...they were on her pillow at night and she saved them all to give to Cole.
You will be the prettiest birdesmaid...I am so excited!
Stay warm and safe in your stormy weather...
Love Miss Peach

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

I am sure Toeshee will ride on the roomba and so would Chester! Chester is not scared of that big vacuum machine we have. Your mom is brave to get her bloods taken, I get scared of that. Hope your momma feels better. It has started to get cold here too and it has rained a lot. Winter is coming.
Have a good weekend all of you!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

We hate the vacuum too!

meemsnyc said...

It's been super windy here too! And cold! That is so great that you are going to be a bridesmaid at Miss Peach's wedding! We love Miss Peach!