Monday, October 26, 2009

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Taking it Easy

Hi efurryone! Miss Billie here to say hi, just because I wanted a turn.
Momma bought a new extra snuggly blanket and spread it out of the sofa for her and me to share. I snuggled into it and she covered up with it and watched scary ghost stories on the telly.
It is a dark sea glass faux suede on one side and curly fleece on the other.
We like it a lot.

Cody is still doing better. He's eating well and barfed up a hairball early this morning. He naps a lot. When he saw Momma putting on her shoes and coat to go to the store he got excited because he thought they were going out to explore the gardens. Momma said, "No Cody. No outside today. Maybe later in the week you can go out with me for a little bit."
He has been quite grumpy about this. Fall is hard for him and Momma because when it gets colder and wet they need to stay in.

I am very excited about The Big Halloween Vintage Wedding coming up! Miss Peach will be beautiful and Mickey will be so dashing!

We hope you all have a great Halloween week and we will try to keep up with posting and visiting.

~Miss Billie~<3


Amy and The House of Cats said...

That sounds like it is a great blanket for snuggling Billie! And I am so glad that Cody is feeling better - he sounds like he has a lot of hair in there to get rid of!

Sweet Praline said...

I'm so glad to hear Cody is feeling better. That looks like a very comfortable blanket.

Karen Jo said...

That sounds like the best blanket ever! I bet it is great for snuggling. I am glad that Cody is still getting rid of hair. He must have been storing it up for a looooong time. I hope it is all over soon.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

That sounds like a wonderful blankie! We love that fleecy stuff! And the color is pretty too.
Best thing is to stay inside, where its warm. Your momma is right.
Keep up the good work Cody!!

Anonymous said...

What a super pawesome new blankie!!! We're happy to hear that Cody is feeling better! YAY!

Chuchu said...

Glad to hear your Cody is doing much better. =]]

Helena said...

Dilly is excited about the upcoming wedding too!

Tell your Ma thanks for her lovely message, and that I sent her something, but we are having postal strikes here so I don't know when she'll get it!!!


JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

The wedding if going to be so much fun!
Uh, Toeshee, **blush**, of course I will dance with you! **blush** I am so flattered that a younger ManCat likes me!
--JB **blush**