Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Toeshee Tells All

Lots To Share

Hi everyone, it's me Toeshee! We have had a couple of rough days here, but some things are better now.
Billie wasn't feeling well since Monday afternoon. She had not been eating and just seemed more tired and irritable. Momma of course was very worried. Then Momma had a bad fall when she tripped to avoid stepping on Cody's tail. She landed on her tailbone against the bottom step of the stairway. (why do beans have tailbones if they don't have tails?) She thinks it's just bruised and the fall hurt her joints in the wrists and hips too. So, she has been hurty and worried and weepy since Monday evening.

The good news is that Billie seems to be better! It seems she has some seasonal allergy issues and was just kinda stuffed up and couldn't really take interest in food. Momma jumped started her appetite with tuna and small bits of ham that she hand fed her. This along with sips of water and lots of lap time seemed to put Billie back on track. She is now eating normally and she is not sounding all snory and wheezy when she sleeps.

Today when Momma got the mail she was very happy to find some beautiful cards from her friend Helena! Helena lives in England and is a super talented artist. She loves cats too. We think the kitty in the card reminds us of Cricket and also a little bit like Daisy's sister Pixie. The lacy looking layers are painstakingly put together with glue. Aren't they amazing? If you want to purchase anything that Helena creates just click on her Creating a Likeness link on the side bar. She has her own little online card shop and even does commissions of pictures of your beloved furbabies. The pictures Momma took do not do her work justice. She also loves me; Toeshee the adorable young mancat! I hope she likes the picture of me in the window. HI HELENA! :)
She is my human girlfriend. My true kitty ladylove is Jelly Bean though. I think she is the cat's meow! Her blue eyes are sigh worthy...

Huh, what's that Billie? Oh Billie says she and Cricket and Cody are going to start teasing me if I don't chill. Fine, whatever!

Anyway the cards cheered Momma up a little bit, but she is moving even slower than ever. She is sitting on the sofa with two pillows propping her up. She is just so grateful that Billie seems okay. There are other family stresses going on, but as long as she has us nearby Momma feels better. Oh, and she's not mad at Cody or his tail or anything. Accidents happen and she's glad she didn't step on it at least.

We hope you all are having a great week and we send Hugs and Purrs!


Anonymous said...

We're super glad to hear Billie's doing much better! And, at the same time, we're sorry about your mommy's fall. That's a defenitely ouchie spot!!! And the cards??? They are lovefurly!!! Have a chillaxing day!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

It is good that Billie is feeling better but it stinks that your mom fell and is feeling more crummy. That is a bad spot to fall on. We will send out purrs and prayers and good thoughts for her to feel better.

The cards that your mom got are beautiful! Helena is very talented. And of course the kitty pictures are great!

Reese =^..^= said...

What great news about Billie. I hope your Momma's tail is better soon.

Daisy said...

The picture does look similar to Pixie!

I'm sorry your mom fell down. We know landing on the tailbone can be very, very hurty!

Sweet Praline said...

Oh no! Be careful mom Lorianna! I hope you don't hurt too long.

Those are some beautiful cards.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Billie we are glad to hear that you will be ok.
Mom sprained her ankle once really bad by trying not to trip over Shaggy. That was real hurty!
That does look like Pixie!!!!

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Your post made us chuckle so much. And I am blushing so much right now! Does that make me a cougar or something? Cuz I am the older LadyCat and you are the young ManCat. hee hee **blush**
Hope your mom is feeling better and hope Billie is ok too. I say, give Billie some Fancy Feast Appetizers and she will feel lots better. Maybe your mom should have a nice warm bath?
The cards are amazing and Helena is super talented!
--JB (and my crowded house!)

Helena said...

Awww thank you for your lovely words! I am glad the cards made your Mama smile but it is sooo hurty when you hurt your tailbone! WHen I started riding my bike that was where it hurt most! I had a numb bottom and a throbbing spine! OUCH!
I hope her bones are getting better. My left hand keeps swelling up but I think that might be because I am gripping on to the handlebars for sheer life as I come down the hill. Once I get a bit more confident I might not grip so tightly and then it might not hurt. Then again I might fall off. HAHA!