Thursday, September 17, 2009

Be Good Toeshee

Be good Toeshee!

I am not allowed to jump up onto the fireplace mantel because I always break something when I do. I don't try to break things, it just happens somehow. Momma calls me the furry wrecking ball. Truthfully, I have grown into a pretty good sized kitty, so I can't jump up on really high places as well as I used too. Still, that rose looks kind of yummy...
Momma has a bit of the blues and hasn't been on her computer very much. She says she doesn't want to spread the sad. Maybe she will visit some nice bloggers and that will cheer her up.
Hugs everyone!


The Kool~Kittie~Krew said...

Cheer up Lorianna!!! :o) And Toeshee, you are too cute, wanted to NOM that rose. It does look quite appetizing!!! But, we'd porbably like the yellow birdie more. We hope you have a GRRR-8 day!!!

Hugs, Sniffs, & Scratches!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh Toeshee, we know you aren't trying to break stuff. Floyd has the same problem - he is big and knocks stuff by accident (unlike his brother Virgil who likes to knock stuff down all the time on purpose). And tell your mom that it is ok to have the blues sometimes - but we hope it passes for her soon. We have that problem at our house too (between work, and all the other junk happening) but we are the opposite - we like to go and post because it makes us (ok me) feel bettter. We just get bad about visiting because of it. Tell your mom that if there is anything we can do to help her cheer up to let us know. Don't tell my kitties - but I will even try to dress up the kitties if that would help (I am going to try for Halloween too but I would try it out early if it will help!) We hope she is feeling better soon!

Daisy said...

Toeshee, you are like Harley! Just big and rambunctious!

Riley & Tiki said...

Toeshee, you are so cute!

Lorianna, we saw a post and thought of you. We know your medication has been messing up your liver and thought it might be worth trying. Mommy & Daddy still eat a little wheat on the weekends but feel better and 85 pounds better without it. FWIW. If not interested feel free to delete this comment.


Helena said...

I haven't wanted to spread the sad either, hence my absence too!
I wish I could go worra worra worra on your tummy though, Toeshee! Fluffy let me do that last weekend and it is great therapy for the deep blue funks!!!

Sweet Praline said...

Toeshee, you don't mean to to harm, but you just love life!

Hope your mom is up soon!

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

How big are you Toeshee? Are you as big as the horse at my house? Chester has turned out to be not so big after all.
SomeCat keeps breaking stuff at our house, but we think SomeCat broke in to do it!