Thursday, August 13, 2009

Duckies and Kitties and Broken I- Nets (again!)

Broken Internets, Baby Ducks and Hot and Sleepy Kitties (oh my!)

Well, we are finally able to get online again! After a weekend of torrents of rain and lots of lightning and steamy temps, our internet was poof! As in all gone! Finally someone came to fix it and we were told it may be our modem. So far though after resetting it we are back online. Our IP company told us they will credit our account for the time we were offline. This is the second time in a month! Talk about frustrating!

So, while the kitties slept and we had free time the husband and I decided to enjoy what is left of the summer. We went to a little town near by called Rockford. (By the way, that is the town that the first Darrin from Bewitched lived for the remainder of his days, which is kinda cool.) I took my camera and I was so glad that I did. Look at Momma duck and her babies! Twelve baby ducklings following her so nicely. We felt blessed to see something so precious.
We visited some cute little shops and I found that little yellow bird that Toeshee is napping with. He has promised he will not jump on the mantle where it now resides and knock it off.

There is a bookstore there that is connected to an old train car. It is so cool and the best part is the kitties that work there! There is a little black one and a big white one with orange patches. They followed us around the whole store and I couldn't stop petting them and talking to them. Poor husband, stuck in a train car full of romance novels and me playing with kitties! :) He got ice cream, so he didn't complain too much.
I will try to find the website of the store and hopefully there are pictures of the kitties on it.

So now today, is recuperating day for me. I did a lot of walking and my hip is being contrary about it. It is finally warm here and my husband has the week off of work. My two floof monsters Miss Billie and Toeshee are very warm, but they seem happy with the nice weather.
I have missed visiting with everyone so much! I hope I didn't miss anything important. I think with it being summer there are probably a lot of people and their furbabies just chill-axing.
I hope everyone is able to take a day or two to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.
The kitties and I send you all lots of hugs!


The Kool-Kittie-Krew said...

We LOVE your photos and you both look so cute snoozing! We like your new yellow birdie toy. The pictures are adorable of the little ducklin's. Have a restful Thursday!

Daisy said...

I'm sorry your inner-nets got broked! That's no fun. Guess what? A mama and baby ducks have been running all around our backyard, so we'll post their pictures soon, too!

Amy said...

Those are great photos of the town and the kitties! We have internet problems often so we understand how it is - frustrating! It looks like you had a nice day and it was cool that you met those other kitties - I hope they didn't make your own fur-babies jealous! It is too bad that it made your hip hurt though - hopefully there was enough fun time there so it was worth the pain (sounds like there was). It is good that it is warm there - it has been warmer here lately which to me is not a great thing because I prefer it a bit cooler but everyone else seems happy about it.

Reese =^..^= said...

I love those duckies.

Sweet Praline said...

Look at all of those cute live fev-vers!

That's great news that your mom got to take a little vacation. My mom is going to take a little time off in two weeks. She said knowing her luck, she would be at the doctors during that time!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

What wonderful pictures!
Toshee does look so much like Shaggy!
Darn innernets! What does it take to get them to behave??!!
Thanks for asking about our mom. She's doing ok lately. No hand pain, but her hip is still bothersome.

JB's Big World said...

That is the cutest duck family ever!
You kitties you very hot for sure.