Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August Garden Tour With Cody

Cody's August Garden Tour

Hello efurrybody! Cody here with our August garden tour. As you may know I am Momma's official cat helper in the garden. She lets me go out with her to weed and water and of course take pictures. I hate it when she drags me inside though.
We are winding down in the gardening season here. This summer was not very good for our flowers. It was very cool with lots of rain. Flowers in the summer need warmer temps and plenty of sun. So do I and Momma! :)

We like our Mr. Sun and his faerie friend Betony. They enjoy the Foxgloves and little garden faeries hide in the Foxglove in the evening.
The pink lily is the last blooming lily of the summer. It is called Rubrium. It's a Turk's Cap. It looks like it has little rubies embedded in it's petals. Momma ordered them from Old House Gardens a while ago.

We like the red and orange Lantana with the purple Pansies in our old Tuscan sun flower pot.

Momma and I have decided that the Hibiscus is not quite dinner plate sized; More like dessert plate maybe. But, still, they are lovely. We are still waiting for the white ones to open and our Sunflowers are not quite open yet. They will probably open this week.
Sadly, today is the last day we will be in the low 80's. We will be getting an Autumnal chill coming in after Wednesday. Bummer!

The two boy kitties are still visiting us and Momma is still feeding them. The Daddyman is not very happy about it. He thinks they need to go to the Humane Society. Momma said No Way! Tigger Roo especially will have a hard time getting a home. Most people don't want older cats like him.
Momma of course wants every kind of cat! What am I going to do with her? :) I'm happy and Lucky that she loves me even though I am an older gentleman.

We will be poppping in on all of you bloggie friends this week. We Never Forget any of You and We Adore You All!
Hugs and Purrs,
~Cody Mac Boldly~


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the tour Cody. We didn't have that great of weather this summer either. Well, there's always next year...

Helena said...

Well I would happily take on an older cat, so I wish I lived near you! They are so calm and peaceful, and really appreciative of warmth and kindness, too.

Wonderful flowers! Mine are all wilting in our sunshine. Our hose is broken so I am out each evening, lugging a big watering can around!

Thanks for the headbutts and purrs. You make me smile!


Amy said...

Those are great flowers - thanks for the tour Cody! I agree with your mom that they shouldn't call the Humane Society about the cats that are visiting. If there is a nice safe shelter around I would try them but otherwise, well, I just don't know. It is too bad that they don't have nice homes, but it is good that your mom helps them out.

Sweet Praline said...

What beautiful flowers! You need to come down to SC if you want sun and warmth. It's going to be in the 90s the rest of the week.

Reese =^..^= said...

Meowee! Cory that was gorgeous. Thank you for the tour.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Hello my sweet friend! Forgive my tardyness in visiting and emailing back. I jusy can't seem to stay caught up these days. I fear I will never be all caught up sos I am not going to worry about it any more. We all do the best we can, when we can. I have missed you and not a day goes by that I di not think about you and hope you are getting to feel better. I have a doctors visit coming up this week finally. Maybe I can get to feeling better too.
I have been working on our Halloween ATC swap. It is going well and I am really enjoying the fun papers I picked out. I forgot how many we said we are going to make? I will make a few none the less....there is no rush because October is a while off still.
I love the flowers in your garden...the lily is stunning! Good that you have a garden kitty who helps you.
We understand about feeding the stray kitties...we are having some problems right now in the garden too.
Just keep haning in there one day at a time and hope for the best.
We love you so much...your devoted Miss Peach and mommy Karla

Karen Jo said...

Thanks for the tour, Cody. I loved seeing all the pretty flowers. This summer wasn't too great for our flowers, either, especially since the gopher ate the poppies. The roses did really well, though. I understand about the outside kitties.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Oh my gosh! What gorgeous flowers! Mom loves them especially the hibiscus and the lilies!
Cody is quite the little garden cat!
Hope your week is going well.
--JB and "the kids"