Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cricket Reports

Cricket gives her latest report.

Hello, Cricket here and I am not pleased as you may be able to tell from my expression.

We have intruders on our property! And Momma has been FEEDING THEM!
The black and white cat has been hanging around all summer. He supposedly has a home over on the next street, but they never seem to let him in. His name is Sylvester. He is skinny and Momma feels sorry for him. She asked the Daddyman to talk to the husband because they chat sometimes about man stuff. Daddyman said he doesn't want to bother him about the cat until it gets cold. Momma heard a story about that man's wife and she is worried about Sylvester. Let's just say this woman doesn't like cats very much. Momma doesn't know what to do.

The other kitty is a big tiger cat who comes to visit on our front porch a couple of times a week. Momma says his sad eyes melt her heart. He is very friendly and always very hungry. She calls him Tigger Roo or Rum Tum Tigger. (Snort! Whatever!) I call them both mooching trespassers!
I am the Queen of this old house! I do not like the smell of strange boy cats hanging around our house!
It's strange that we always have boy cats that come by. Momma says we have never had a girl kitty. Do people just kick boy kitties out because they don't bother to get them their hooha-ectomies, then get mad when they spray? Are people really that stupid? I must admit to feeling a little bit sorry for them if that's the case...

Momma needs to get to visiting blogs again. She had a flare up yesterday with a fever and all over hurty. She actually went to bed in the middle of a nice, sunny afternoon! I kept her company, being the good nurse that I am.
She has been fighting pink eye too. I told her to just take the pain medicine that makes her sleepy, make sure us kitties are fed, and go to sleep for a while. The Daddyman and Teenager girl can get their own NomNoms. As long as she is up to feed us again I think it's no big deal. Cats nap all the time!

Well efurryone, that's my report for the week. Cody will be posting his August Garden Tour when Momma is feeling better. Wait until you see the Dinner Plate size Hibiscus blooming in the front cottage garden!

Be naughty!


Anonymous said...

How DARE them tresspassing boys!!! We have kitties (ferals) that our neighbors feed and as of last night, our mom counted 14, yes you read that right, 14 kittens! From 3 seperate batches. They range from amout 3 weeks --> 8 weeks. Our grandma is here visiting and we think she may take a little grey and white kitten which she had already named Breeze. He came down on our porch yesterday morning when there was a really nice breeze, so that's how she picked the name. Our mom is trying to convince her to take him home. That would be one less to breed. Our humans don't know what to do..the neighbor people are not listening and our mom doesn't want to have to resort to calling "people" to come...we know what happens with that. So she's been checking around our area for no-kill shelters. Ok, enuff rambling...Have a Happy Wednesday!

Amy said...

I know it is no fun for those boys to be around, but think about it from their perspective - if you were outside and alone wouldn't you like it if a nice person gave you food. I feel very sad for those two boys and hope they are ok - those neighbor people don't sound like they should have a cat to me.

Tell your mom that we hope she is feeling better - we are sending out some good healing thoughts to her and the kitties send their purrs. Tell her that rest is more important - blog visiting can wait and she can always catch up later (that is what I do).

Ok, well I have to go because I am at work and need to check the weather - my coworker who just left called about a tornado warning - I need to check that out!

Reese =^..^= said...

Oh, I hope your mom bean is feeling better.

Daisy said...

So sad to see those kitties be hungry and unwanted/unloved. I am glad your mom gave them foods. The tabby cat sure looks like a classic tom cat!

I hope your mom feels better soon!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Oh how sad about those kitties, especially Sylvester. We are glad you are feeding her especially since the neighbor witch won't. Boy kitties do get kicked out for spraying. Yes, people are that stoopid. Our neighbors made their cat live outside. He was nootered, but he got diabetes so he peed all over the place. They kept cheap crunchies and a bed outside for him but our mom gave him good food and talked kindly to him so he hung out at our house. She mad an insulated house out of a box and styrofoam for him (winters are cruel here). He was out for about 2 years, but was aging fast and was very thin (from the untreated diabeted, duh) so the had him put to sleep. Mom was sad for a long time when that happened.
Thank you for being kind to those 2 kitties.

JB's Big World said...

Oh, my mom is the same as you when she sees sad kitty eyes! Cricket, I know how you feel though, when trespassers come around. But mom says that all kitties should have a home and be taken care of, so for me to be tolerant. Both kitties are beautiful and the stripey kitty does have sad but very pretty eyes. Glad your mom is feeding them, but what will they do when it gets cold?

Karen Jo said...

I am glad that your Mom is feeding the intruder boys. I really feel sad for Sylvester because he has a home, yet he doesn't. People are stupid enough to kick their cats out of the house and expect them to thrive, but I don't know why.

Helena said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww he looks so much like Scooter!!!!!!!