Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just Watching The Seasons Change

Just Watching The Seasons Change

Autumn turns from golden and mild to winter's icy coat of frost and snow.
Cricket watches the seasons from the windows more than the other kitties do. Tookie did too. Cricket also seems to like an open window in the summer the best. I love an open window in the summertime too. I like the sounds of bugs called "Katy dids" (I think they are called that around here because that's what someone long ago thought that's what the noise they made sounded like?) By late July crickets, (not the Kitty), are chirping and if you listen closely you can he
ar bats making their high pitched squeaks.

I started a new medicine today. It's called Methotrexate. It is actually a low dose of a type of chemotherapy drug and it is supposed to help my immune system stop attacking my joints, cartillege and organs. We will see I guess. I took it this afternoon and I will have to take it every Wednesday now. Don't let me forget! ;) It made me queasy. Blah! Everything makes me queasy, I swear. My doctor also prescribed a new pain killer called Darvocet. I do not like it at all! It made my head swim for a few hours. I'll stick with Advil or Tylenol, hot baths, heating pads and naps. Maybe if I'm desperate I'll take it again, but yuck! I'm ditzy enough thanks. :)

So, that's it for our Wednesday. Cricket is upstairs, Billie has taken over the chair, Toeshee is sleeping under the sofa and Cody is curled up by my feet on the rug. Oh, this morning, Toeshee smacked Cricket on her butt. Big Mistake!
She whirled around and gave him a double paw whap! Wow, she is fast! I think she's been taking Martial Arts classes. Toeshee didn't know what him, poor little stinker.

I will visit soon ok? Hugs!


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Scout is a window watcher too. Can't get enough of the squirrels & birds.
Your med-go-round sounds awful. I started a new on for headaches called Relafen. I've had pretty much a constant headache to varying degrees for the last 3 years. Since I started taking this I've been headache free! What a feeling!! It's a headache preventative taken every day, rather than a treatment for after they start. It's also used as an arthritis drug and has had the side effect of helping my sore hip too.
Come over & see the visitors in my basement when you get a chance. -SSS's mom

Karen Jo said...

I like warm weather and open windows, too. I hope that your new medicine helps your immune system stop attacking you. Toshee is getting lessons on what not to whap.

Sweet Praline said...

So sorry to hear about your pain. Mom went back to her foot doctor yesterday and she has an inflamed vein in her foot. He wants her to take aspirin and use warm moist heat. My mom appears to have the same kind of luck your mom has. They just can't seem to get a break!

Everycat said...

That mask with snow on it is lovely. But open windows and a summer breeze are lovelier! Best of luck with the new medicine Lorianna. You stay warm sweetheart!

Whicky Wuudler et al

Daisy said...

I'm sorry your new medicine made you feel queasy, but I hope after that goes away you will start feeling better.

The image of that sculpture with snow on it is really poignant.

Kellykat said...

Ha ha! I think Cricket could probably teach a martial arts instructor a thing or two! Hope your new medicine works well for you. The side effects make them such an annoyance to take (or so my girl says).

Concatulations! You won the book give away for my gotcha day! Thank you for all the lovely things you said about my girl. You made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Please send your mailing address to her email so that she can get your prize sent to you as quickly as possible. Might make a very nice holiday gift. kellyb29b AT hotmail DOT com.

And thanks for reading our bloggy.