Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Dreams May Come

Have you ever had a dream that stays with you long after you wake up? A dream that seems so real that you know as long as you live, even if you never have that dream again, you will never forget it?

A few months ago I had such a dream and I have debated sharing it. My dear friend Karla encouraged me to finally do so because really it is very hopeful.
(Oh no, Lorianna's flights of fancy again!)

I dreamed of a white Victorian gingerbread trimmed house. It was pristine and lovely and filled with an amazing warm pale light that streamed through all of the windows. Outside were gardens filled with flowers and ponds with gurgling fountains and the whole yard was enclosed with a brick wall covered in ivy. Cats of all sizes and colors and breeds lazed about perfectly content. I felt as if I knew all of them! And in the house there were fountains in a beautiful solarium filled with plants and even more kitties. They batted at the water, they napped and I could hear their purrs. They squeezed their eyes and meowed at me as I stopped to pet them and whisper to them. I noticed bookshelves overflowing with books and again, this amazing, comfortable warm light enveloped me.
Still, I had this sense of missing something and I began to move about with a sense of searching. I knew who I was looking for and amongst all of the sweet kitties that I was so happy to see I just HAD to see HER. Then, a soft woman's voice said. "You will see her again, soon. She's here."
Then, I woke up. Tears filled my eyes because I didn't want to leave that wonderful place. Try as I might, I could not fall back asleep and into that dream.
Since then, I have had other dreams that have stayed with me of course. I dreamed that I was petting Tookie and I could truly feel how soft her fur was and her whiskers tickled my hand.
But, that house filled with light and kitties and plants; that will always stick with me. I think, somewhere, it's real and someday I will go there when the time is right. I think and hope there is a place for all of us with special meaning, designed just for us. There, those who have gone before wait for us.
Oh, that picture of the white gingerbread Victorian is almost exactly like the house in my dream. I found it while doing an image search. It's called The Cheshire Cat Inn. I thought that was pretty cool... (^;^)


Daisy said...

What a beautiful dream! I hope, when it is my turn to go to the Rainbow Bridge, that it is just like that!

Sweet Praline said...

I don't blame you for not wanting to wake up from that dream. It was beautiful. On the other hand, we need to appreciate what we have here and now (even with the headaches and disappointments)and live life to the fullest!

My wish is that you have a beautiful day as great as your dream!

Did I do good Mom? [yes, Praline, you did great!]

Mickey said...

How wonderful that dream was!! The house sounds beautiful,happy and safe. It makes me smile too, to think that when the time comes there is such beauty that awaits us!! It makes our time here easier too,because we know what a reward we will have :) I am so happy you shared your dream!!
I some way, we can try to live our dreams too ;)
Purrs Mickey

michico*Adan said...

Very Very beautiful dream.
I think someday I will go there,
that warm and wonderful.

Karen Jo said...

I think it is very cool that you found a house that matched your dream and that it is called The Cheshire Cat Inn. I think you had a dream of the Rainbow Bridge.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Lorianna what a wonderful dream...how lucky you were to catch a glimpse of heaven. Thank you for sharing it with all of us....
Have you picked out some pretty wallpaper for your blog yet on that site? Let me know and I will call you and walk you through it.
Off to bed now....love Karla

Everycat said...

What a beautiful dream to have. It made us a little sad as so many have gone before us. We hope they went to such a beautiful place.

We hope all your waking places are as beautiful

Whicky Wuudler

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

We think it was a glimpse of the Rainbow Bridge, too.
What a beautiful dream and beautiful imagery.

Kellykat said...

That sounds like the perfect place to be and I hope we all get to go there one day.
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

JB's Big World said...

I think that is a wonderful dream and a wonderful house! I would like to live there too especially if it was pristine....pristine is the word I like to use when I describe my furs! hee hee
Thanks for coming to check on us....my mom has been so busy that we have not had time to catch up with you and all our friends properly. I miss you!

meemsnyc said...

What a pretty Victorian house and what a great dream. That would be a great house to live in when kittys are ready to go to the bridge.

By the way, Dante is still bad to the bone as ever. He "attacked" Yaffa yesterday, well he tried. Thank goodness we had him on the leash! He is still misbehaving badly....When do cats calm down, do they ever??