Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let's All Get Cozy On A Sunday Evening

It's Sunday evening here all ready! We woke up to the white stuff floating down this morning, but it did not stick. That may change soon, as it is very cold. Billie has a new napping spot in the recliner by the heat register. She's pretty smart huh? :)
I went to Art Magic for some pretty seasonal pictures. I like just browsing around; my own little art museum on my laptop. We have a brand new art museum right downtown, but I have not been there yet. There's some new exhibits there I would like to see, so maybe that would be a nice way to spend a cold day.
In other exciting news; ;) I bought a new tea kettle yesterday! (sigh, I know, I am so snoozy!) But, it whistles and everything! Yes, the kitties hate it. I must attend to it as soon as it goes off because the have such sensitive ears. Maybe in time they will get used to it.
So, now that it officially snowing and cold I am doing my count down to spring. Not counting this month, there are 4 more months until March. I refuse to contemplate the fact that we usually get snow in March. I have to do what works for me to get me through the winter. :)
So, don't worry, soon the Easter Bunny will be here and flowers will bloom!
I think I'll go start my kettle now...



michico*Adan said...

a new tea kettle sounds very beautiful~!!!!
You can have very delicious tea with your cold seasons now~!

Karen Jo said...

The new tea kettle sounds like a great way to warm up, even though the kitties hate it. Billie is a very smart cat to find a napping spot near the heat register. We have had a few snowflakes floating around, but nothing serious yet.

Everycat said...

Thoughts of spring? Oh yes please!

Whicky Wuudler