Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Day After The Booms

Fourth of July/Midsummer

Hi everyone! It's Billie and Cody the older kitties of the house here! Last night was loud! Here are Cody and I chilllaxin' with nip before the sun sets.
When it became dark all the booming started. It is still going on a little bit today. Momma says it's just kids. The really loud ones last night were shot off over the river downtown.

We are really hoping for warmer weather this week. Last week felt like Fall. Momma was ready to get out the Halloween decorations! Today she needs the Daddyman to help her drag the hose around and water the plants.

Her tummy feels better as long as she takes the medicine for it. Her hurty tooth is better, but her jaw is just a little bit owie. She sees a doctor about that next month. This week she has three doctor appointments, so she is going to do her best to keep up with visiting and blogging.

Us kitties are glad we don't have to go to the V E T that much! We plan to spend the week in windows catching breezes and eating Fancy Feast. Momma bought two packages of Party Mix and she hopes we can make it last the week. Fat chance Momma! (hee hee!)

We hope you all have a great early July week!

Hugs~ Miss Billie and Cody


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Oohhh we love Party Mix!
Loud boomers in our neighborhood too. Louder and more than past years. Including big boomer ones from out of state that are technically illegal here. But people buy them anyway.

Sweet Praline said...

We had the noise crackers at our house last night, too, but I wasn't as scared as I have been in the past.

My mom went to three different doctors last week about her shoulder. Two of the doctors think it may be bursitis and they gave her some medicine. Hopefully, she will be better by the end of this week.

JB's Big World said...

I don't know if that party mix will last long. Hope your momma is feeling well today.
3 dr appointments can not be fun!

Karen Jo said...

I hope that the boomies stop soon. The Party Mix sounds great. I hope that your Mom continues to do well and that her doctor appointments are all good.

Amy said...

Oh, Party Mix is very popular at our house too! We are sorry the loud booms scarred you - we were lucky this year and they were quieter then in the past.

I am glad to hear your mom is feeling better. I have to go to the doctor today so I can sympathize, because I am not looking forward to it.

Helena said...

Go easy on that PartyMix, give your Momma a break you cheeky kits!!!

I hope your Ma feels better soon. SOunds awful!

My cats hate fireworks too. They set them off around November 5th here, but really they do it for a couple of weeks before AND after, so we never know when to let them outside :(

In her earlier years, Fluffy would run up a tree if she was frightened. Unfortunately this meant during fireworks and thunderstorms too. Not the brightest thing to do really.

She has been back to the V E T this week. I was worried that she was losing weight and off her food. I was sure the V E T has reduced her thyroid meds too low. And I was right! Stoopit V E T. Now she is back on a higher does I hope she gets ok again. Poor wee mite.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh we will think about you this week many trips to see the doctor. We survivied the boomers here but barely. Hunny Bunny was more scairt than we thought she would be so we comforted her lots.
Toeshe reallt did a job on the woodwork...maybe soft claws might be the answer...they sure do help Peach not shread the carpet anymore! Yeah!
Thank you ever so much for bidding on our T`shirt. Auntie Deb of the Taylor cats wants it real bad and has outbid you highly. But we thank you for your generous heart and loving spirit. There is none sweeter than you Lorianna.
Time for coffee and more patio time while it is nice and cool here this week in the 80's...oh how wonderful to be able to breath again!
All our love from the cozy cottage...XOXOX