Friday, July 17, 2009

Black Cats On Friday

Black Cat Friday

Hello everyone. Cricket here to give my update. We lost our internet for a couple of days, but the Daddyman helped the man at the company figure out what was wrong. Now, we have lots of visiting to do!

We were tagged by Amy and her House of Cats and The Kewl Kitty Crew to post the 6th picture from our 6th folder. Finally Momma remembered! Only, the folder had just 4 pictures. So, she chose the last one. It's Cody outside last August with Momma on our front porch. He can go out at night if Momma is with him. He doesn't like it, but, those are the rules.

Toeshee and I got in a minor scuffle this morning. I settled it with a loud hiss and a good thwap! Momma hadn't had enough coffee yet to get involved.

This weekend will be cloudy and chilly. It's like that right now. After Momma gets our Nom Noms at the grocery store, she will probably just clean and read. Us kitties will nap of course.

We hope you all have a great weekend and I hope all you kitties find something naughty to do!

Hugs!~ Cricket


The Kool-Kittie-Krew said...

Kewl pictures!!! Pandora says she LOVES Black Cat Fridays! Hmmm, wonder why??? LOL. You are a lucky cat to be able to go outside. The closest we get, is sitting in the windows or at the sliders. Oh well...hope you have a furtastic weekend!

JB's Big World said...

I like your black cat pics today!
Hope you have a pawsome weekend!

Amy said...

I swear I looked at that last picture and thought "how did she get a picture of Floyd outside" - it looks like him so much! I am so amazed how many kitties out there have that look.

We have the same weather you guys do - chilly! I guess it is going to be one of those summers. Although it is nice not to need to use the air conditioning.

Tell your mom that we hope she has a nice relaxing weekend, and thank her for stopping by our blog. We all hope that she has a few hours of quiet (she mentioned the house full of teenagers this week - although I have to say I am a bit jealous of that stuff sometimes but hopefully someday I will need that break too!) So all you kitties give your mom a little time to rest this weekend! Have a fun one though!

Daisy said...

We are sweltering so much here we cannot imagine a cool and chilly day! I hope you have a happy weekend!

Sweet Praline said...

Nice pictures! You are lucky to be able to go outside. Mom keeps me indoors!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad you got your internet back.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Those are great pictures of you Cricket! Love your eyes!
And Cody, we can't go out at night even if mom is with us. She's too worried we'll silently slip away into the night. But that's when all the best bugs are out! Darn!

Tell your mom that our mom's hands are feeling much better. Still kinda stiff in the mornings, but not as bad. She thinks she might clench her hands in her sleep, just like she clenches her teeth.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Gosh, they do like Miss fluffy an Mr Scooter!

Helena said...

"Momma hadn't had enough coffee yet to get involved." LOL!!!!!!!

THank you for your lovely message! I hope your weekend is going well! We have had loads of thunderstorms ( I love them!) and I got very crafty for a well. Now I am watching the skies and hoping the rain stays away long enough for a walk to the woods!

Karen Jo said...

Hi Cricket, you are looking good. Cody, I didn't let my cats outside at night even if I was with them, so you are lucky. I'm doing fine, just tired much of the time. It's not my allergies that keeps me from living with cats, but my Mom's.

Princess said...

You are the prettiest black kittie ever.
I hope you are enjoying your nice cool summer.... trust me.. saves on a/c and hot weather is totally over rated. I hope your mum is doing well.
purrrs to all of you