Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sending Love

I'm just posting to let you all know that you are loved. I will visit when I can to say hello. It's a sad time right now isn't it? The sun always comes back after the storm. Let's hope some healing will begin for hearts that are broken. Bless Beautiful Violette and her Loving Family.
Hugs and Love<3


michico*Adan said...

I am also hoping the sun will be back soon.
I think it's must be very sad for Monty's family. Let's pray for them more :)
You are a very very sweetest and darling friend for all of us!

Daisy said...

Many hugs to you during this sad time.

Helena said...

It's cold here. It was hot last month and they say it will be next month. But this must be an ice sandwich cos August is torrential rain and gale force winds. I got caught in it today and got soaked through! Cold and soaked in August! I can't believe it! Brrr.... I am keeping an eye on a dove nesting in a tree in my garden. She keeps getting soaked and blown about but she is clinging on! So brave!

Sending big hugs to you. I am drained and tired too. I'm meant to go and have a blood test for anaemia but I keep putting it off!

Black Cat said...

A very sad time indeed. My eyes have leaked and leaked for Monty's family. I hope the sun will shine for them again but it may be some time away. xxx